The Prosecutors Who Resigned Over Trump Criminal Probe Completely Expose Themselves

No president in history has faced more corrupt lawfare than Donald Trump, and that didn’t end once he left office. Numerous criminal probes are going on in various far-left districts, including New York City and Atlanta, in an attempt to throw Trump in prison for anything they can come up with.

You see, unlike most criminal investigations, these probes didn’t start with a clearly defined crime that demanded justice. Rather, they started with a political target, and everything else has flowed from there.

As you’d expect, those corrupt practices have led to some hiccups, most recently with the probe happening out of the Manhattan DA’s office. In February, RedState reported on the resignation of two lead prosecutors who were upset the newly elected DA (a Democrat) was expressing reservations about their case.

Bragg’s predecessor had accelerated the probe last fall, empaneling a grand jury and receiving much fanfare, especially from the media-sphere. Once Bragg took office, the case appeared to be moving ahead as planned, but these resignations testify to some kind of major internal shift. If Bragg was now expressing doubts about the case moving forward, that signals that he doesn’t believe the evidence is there for a conviction.

Now, we are learning more about Carey Dunnes and Mark Pomerantz, the two prosecutors in question, and suffice it to say, the revelations are disturbing.

Far short of being unbiased upholders of the law, Dunnes and Pomerantz were partisan hacks who were so fixated on destroying Donald Trump that they actually suggested going to trial despite knowing they would likely lose. Their reasoning? That it’s better to try and fail than to be “on the wrong side of history,” a common leftwing trope popularized by Barack Obama. Dunnes, even after admitting the case was weak, insisted it should move forward anyway because it was “a righteous case that ought to be brought.” Pomerantz, a 70-year-old man, actually came out of retirement without pay in order to join the investigation.

In other words, these prosecutors were not using their outsized power to seek justice under the law. Rather, they saw Trump as a political enemy that needed to be punished, even if he didn’t actually do anything wrong. That’s insane and represents an incredibly corrupt misuse of the criminal justice system. These men should not just be allowed to resign. They should be disbarred.

In the end, all of this comes back to trying to prevent Trump from running again in 2024. No doubt, Dunnes and Pomerantz felt that if they could tie the former president up in a criminal trial for the next several years, they could dissuade him from running, or at the very least, make him a liability in the primary. Yet, they did such a bad job at building their case that even some career prosecutors involved left the investigation over their behavior.

Something has to be done about prosecutorial misconduct in this country. If this can happen to a former president, imagine how many normal people are wrongly prosecuted and ruined over a prosecutor’s vendetta?

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