Jill Biden Interrupts Joe Biden Debate With Reporter On Abortion

Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States, attempted to stop President Joe Biden’s heated debate on abortion. Biden stopped speaking to reporters after the President and First Lady left the White House to go to Marine One.

To mark Ash Wednesday, Biden had ashes put on his forehead. This day marks the beginning of Lent, the Catholic season. Biden was asked by a reporter why he supported abortion when he claimed to be Catholic.

The First Lady quickly walked up and interrupted the exchange. Biden said, “Well, anyway.” His wife then interrupted. “I don’t intend to make a judgment for other people. ” Biden told reporters that he would forgo sweets during Lent. He replied, “And you’re right. “I start with dessert. ” “No ice cream. ” He said that after praying and meeting with a cardinal he had received his ashes at The White House.

Biden, Pope Francis and others agreed to faste Wednesday for the Ukrainian people in protest against Russian aggression. He stated, “I believe that he is correct.” 

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