Can We Finally Say Goodbye to Jen Psaki? Please?

Jen Psaki is a miserable person who should have never been allowed to be designated as the White House press secretary. She can’t even answer questions without rolling her eyes or saying something snotty and sarcastic.

Granted, she’s got a tough job. She has to figure out how to make Joe Biden look like an acceptable president. Considering that he can’t even communicate effectively, it’s a wonder why she hasn’t simply walked off the job already.

From the very beginning, Psaki hadn’t anticipated this to be a long-held position. She had told the New York Times shortly after Biden was inaugurated that she was looking to be there for “roughly a year.”

Guess what? That year is up. That’s right, we’ve been dealing with this wicked redhead for about 13 months. And right about now, everyone in the press is ready to say goodbye to her. Perhaps one of them will even spring for a cake for a going-away party. Seriously, she isn’t going to be missed. Biden likely won’t even notice that she’s gone.

In May of last year, she spoke on a podcast and said that she estimated that her time would be up in May 2022. Well, that’s just a few short months away.

Where will she go?

She hasn’t been very vocal about her plans. However, she’s a hardcore liberal, so it’s likely that she’ll stay in the swamp. Those swamp monsters have a tendency to look out for one another.

It’s rumored that she’s being “courted” by both CNN and MSNBC.

We shouldn’t even care about where she ends up…but we do. The simple reason? She’ll still end up in some area of the press. And her sarcasm may end up making headlines on a daily basis.

It’s a shame that she’s too young to retire. We can only hope that she ends up writing blogs as opposed to being a news anchor…

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