DeSantis Says Biden Administration Seeking Ways To Thumb Their Nose At Florida

Florida Gov. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lashed out at the Biden administration for finding ways to thumb its nose at Florida. Biden announced his intention to appeal the denial of individual assistance to those affected by tornadoes in Florida’s two counties.

DeSantis addressed the Biden administration directly at the Fort Myers press conference, directly addressing their denial of federal assistance following the EF1/EF2 tornadoes that struck Lee and Charlotte counties last month. This left many people in desperate straits. Many people are still cleaning up the rubble and have been forced to relocate. This is due to rampant inflation and the high demand for homes in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis stated that the Florida Department of Emergency Management had deployed disaster and recovery personnel to assist with damage assessment. They also worked closely with the Small Business Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). DeSantis declared the State of Emergency in order to “unlock our request for individual assistance to the Biden administration.”

DeSantis stated, “Unfortunately that request was denied,” before blaming the Biden administration, which denied the necessary aid. When people have such basic needs, these things should be more important than politics. It seems that they will do whatever they can to keep Florida from falling under their thumbs since Biden was elected president. He said, “You know they try to do that.”

He said, “It’s true. They cut our funding for monoclonal antibody research.” To applause. “It’s true. “It’s true. They cut our funding for monoclonal antibodies at the end of last summer, when we had helped tens to thousands of Floridians avoid the hospital. They saved many lives.

DeSantis used a different example and said that they had passed and signed a prescription drugs bill to buy large quantities of drugs at a lower price from Canadian companies. They worked with former President Donald Trump in order to accomplish this.

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