NYC Mayor Eric Adams Proposes Slight Decrease In Police Funding

Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor, announced this week that police in the city may not receive the same funding in the 2022 budget. Adams stated that the budget for police will be “basically flat” before admitting that it might decrease.

Adams opposed defunding police during his campaign for mayor. He recounted to a 2020 protester that he had told him that defunding police was not a good idea during his 2021 campaign. He said, “Go back to the community where there is violence and tell me that you still want defunding police.”

Adams’ tough-on-crime platform was one of the reasons that he won the November mayorship. The Daily Mail reported that crime continues in the city.

The city saw a 38.5 percent increase in crime in January.

Other than murders, all other categories of crime have seen an increase. The number of felonies assaults is up by 13 percent. Shooting victims are up nearly 30. Rape and robbery are also on the rise at around 35 percent.

In 2022, almost every New York City precinct has seen an increase in crime.

The publication, which examined NYPD crime statistics, found that 72 of the 77 NYC police precincts saw crime rise in 2018. Only five of the 77 NYC police precincts are at or below 2021 levels.

Harlem’s 26th Precinct has experienced the second-highest increase in crime rates. This is due in large part to an increase in burglaries, grand larceny, and assaults.

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