GOP Demand That We Identify Who the Taliban Really Are

For anyone who remembers watching the Twin Towers fall on September 11, 2001, we also remember who was responsible: The Taliban. They were terrorists that brought devastation and sadness to our country with those attacks. We will never forget.

The Biden administration remembers all too well what the Taliban did. They are certainly old enough to remember, even if our president has memory failures on a regular basis. Many were even a part of Congress at the time.

How is it that we can conveniently forget all that the terrorists have done to the country now that they have regained power in Afghanistan?

It seems that Biden, Harris, and the rest of the administration are willing to forget about the past. They’ll go as far as accepting this new government and offering aid.

Enough is enough.

The GOP seems to be the only one willing to think clearly on this. A new bill is being passed by Republicans throughout the Senate. It will force the Dems to admit once and for all that the Taliban is a terrorist group. And if they don’t admit it, then it will tell Americans all they need to know about the Democrats in power.

Senators Marco Rubio, Shelley Moore Capito, Dan Sullivan, Tommy Tuberville, Thom Tillis, and Cynthia Lummis are the ones responsible for introducing the “Preventing Recognition of Terrorist States Act,” according to The Hill.

The bill will call upon Secretary of State Blinken to “designate the illegitimate Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as a state sponsor of terrorism and the Taliban as a terrorist organization.”

The bill goes into further detail by determining whether the Taliban should also be identified as a foreign narcotics trafficker under the “Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act.” To take it even further, the bill calls for sanctions on foreign actors who have provided assistance to the Taliban.

It seems that Biden hasn’t taken the threat of the Taliban seriously enough – and Rubio is looking to change all of that.

Every action Biden has taken has seemed to give the terrorist group more power – both in Afghanistan and in the U.S. After all, we’ve taken in how many refugees from Afghanistan without as much as a background check? If that doesn’t make your blood run cold, nothing will.

Rubio has said, “Unfortunately, there is no reason to think President Biden will treat the Taliban like the terrorists they are. Congress must take action to deal with this new reality and keep Americans safe.”

It’s concerning that the Biden administration will NOT treat the Taliban like terrorists since that is exactly what they are.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has even confirmed that the Taliban hasn’t offered the level of inclusivity that they once promised. Murders and varying degrees of torture are still happening. Yet, Biden wants to smile and pretend that everything is going okay.

Terrorist groups like the Taliban don’t stop being terrorists. They terrorized our country 20 years ago and we must make sure that they don’t get the opportunity to do it again.

President Biden has asked them to be nice. They retaliated by shooting off fireworks once our last military plane left the Kabul airport.

How many times do the Taliban leaders have to disrespect the president and the U.S. as a whole before the liberals get it?

Hopefully, the introduction of this bill will draw a line in the sand. Either we treat the Taliban like terrorists or we expose the Dems for the American-hating politicians that they have become.

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