BLM Riots Against New York’s Vaccine Mandates, Calls Them Modern-Day Segregation

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio recently passed a vaccine mandate to discriminate and exclude those who do not want to get the vaccine. The Black Lives Matter organization wasn’t too pleased about that. The mandate applied to a large number of African-American and Latin New Yorkers who are being refused service for being unvaccinated. The organization even claimed that “white liberal business owners” are turning away “black unvaccinated New Yorkers” and not letting them dine. How are Democrats the party of inclusivity?

According to the organization, three unvaccinated Texans (who were black) arrived at Carmine’s restaurant and were refused service. They showed their vaccine cards to the hostess, who then said that they “looked fake.” The three Texans even said that the hostess used a racial slur. Black Lives Matter then announced a protest over the claims, adding that you cannot refuse service over a personal medical decision.

“The vaccine is a choice. It shouldn’t exclude people from everyday activities because they choose not to engage in something they have every reason to doubt. The government’s story on the vaccines has changed every one to two months since Donald Trump. … We as black people have every reason not to trust the vaccines. But yet again, I’m NOT telling you not to get it. I’m just saying you should have a choice,” said Hawk Newsome, founder of BLM Greater NY.

The mainstream media has been pushing the claim that the vaccine-hesitant are only those who support Donald Trump. It’s safe to say, however, that the members of the New York City BLM organization are not made up of Trump supporters.

BLM held a protest outside of Carmine’s restaurant in New York City to accuse the Italian restaurant of racism following the vaccine passport altercation. One of the organizers, Kimberly Bernard, warned that the vaccination card mandate will “create more Sandra Blands and more Breonna Taylors” and told people to consider themselves served.

While the radical left organization has wrongfully portrayed many cases involving police officers, they stand on the same side as the GOP with the many problems that come with a vaccine mandate.

The restaurant released a statement that the hosts did not attack the other party or use racial slurs and that they were only enforcing New York’s vaccination requirements for indoor dining. They called it a “deeply cynical plot” to try and excuse wanton violence, but the BLM organization stands strongly in its belief and statement that the vaccine mandate presents modern-day segregation. It’s no longer an excuse to say that it is a privately owned business, but rather the vaccine mandates that Mayor de Blasio forces on all of the restaurants in NYC.

The Biden Administration is so out of touch that they can’t even see BLM is rioting against the vaccine mandates too. The media is telling everyone that “far-right Trump supporters” are the only ones refusing the vaccine when the largest demographics refusing the vaccine have been Black and Latino communities. Mayor de Blasio might want to spray over the city street he painted “Black Lives Matter” on.

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