Georgia Gov. Calls Out The White House For Focusing On The Jab Over The Border

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently said he would be strategizing with other Republican governors on how to push back against President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates. He said the states are considering all legal options and that many other governors and attorney generals across the country are strategizing as well.

Kemp called out President Biden for continuing to divide the country and cause people to fight, instead of uniting and educating people on the vaccine. He said that Republican governors were just fighting for businesses to make their own decisions and against federal government overreach. Kemp even suggested that Biden’s federal vaccine mandate was Pandemic Politics 3.0.

“It’s the typical playbook to distract from the crisis at the border, the drastic pullout of Afghanistan — I think everybody agrees we need to get out of there. The way it was done is really heartbreaking and tragic for all those individuals that served or gave their lives, the ultimate sacrifice over there and God bless those people and their families that had to actually watch that,” Kemp said.

Kemp suggested that the move was also distracting small and medium-sized businesses from runaway inflation due to the administration’s policies. He said Biden was talking tougher to the nation’s governors and unvaccinated Americans than he was to the Taliban. “It’s unfortunate,” he adds.

Kemp went on to say that he is vaccinated, but that he wishes Biden would promote vaccine education and the public discussing options with their medical provider instead.

The Biden Administration has shown its complete disregard for border security by continuing to allow unvaccinated people to cross the border while demanding that private employers instill vaccine mandates on their workers.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy even tried to call out the hypocrisy with White House press secretary Jen Psaki. When he asked her “why” it is a requirement for businesses with more than a hundred people to mandate a vaccine but not for thousands of migrants at the border, Psaki simply replied, “that’s correct.” She quickly moved on to take a question from the next reporter in the briefing room. While the Department of Homeland Security has been offering vaccine shots to border crossers, about 30% have refused.

Psaki has continued to not give any solid answers on the rules or mandates that the Biden Administration instills. She simply throws her hands up and disregards the constitution in exchange for whatever their political agenda is. Americans are losing their jobs for not getting the jab while illegal immigrants are being given the choice.

Not to mention, there has been a spike of COVID-19 cases in border town communities being impacted by the surge. Biden and his administration have abandoned all border security. Now, Republican governors are attempting to pick up the pieces.

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