Want to Be an Ambassador? Just Donate Heavily to a Democrat

We expect ambassadors to be capable of representing America’s best interests in the countries they are assigned to. Yet, President Biden has a very different approach to what an ambassador position entails.

No, it’s not a rigorous interview process. No, it’s not the ability to speak multiple languages or even know a lot about the history of the country.

Instead, Biden chooses who he’s going appoint to an ambassadorship based on who has donated the most money to the Democratic Party.

The American Accountability Foundation has learned that 22 individuals who have recently been nominated by Biden to serve “diplomatically critical appointments” have contributed a combined total of over $3 million to Democratic politicians and political groups over their lifetime.


The AAF wrote in its report that “Biden rewards top jobs to political loyalists who donated thousands, if not millions of dollars to his political campaign and party. These critical positions are supposed to be filled with individuals who will represent America’s interests abroad.”

This is more than a little concerning. We expect ambassadors around the world to focus on doing the best possible job based on their experience, their knowledge, and their ability to handle foreign relations. Yet, that’s not happening at all. Instead, Biden is more interested in offering a reward for those who participate in political fundraisers.

Biden would rather establish a pay-to-play incentive than focus on putting qualified individuals into the positions. Heaven forbid that we focus on what could benefit millions of Americans…

It’s up to the Senate to look at who is and isn’t qualified since Biden isn’t doing his job. Those who gave the most are given the best spots. It’s why we’re ending up with so many bad people in high positions. They didn’t earn that position – they simply paid to the right fundraisers.

Senators will need to confirm the nominees before any of those appointed by Biden are officially rewarded the titles that have been bestowed upon them. With any luck, there will be enough Senators to put a stop to this madness.

Thomas Nides was nominated to serve as the ambassador to Israel back in June. Does Nides qualify to be an ambassador? Hardly. He served as deputy secretary of state under the Obama administration for two years. Since then, he’s been the vice chairman for Morgan Stanley. To say that he bought his position is an understatement. After all, he’s donated to 19 of the sitting Democratic Senators who will have to confirm him.

Denise Bauer, the nominated ambassador to France, and Claire Cronin, the nominated ambassador to Ireland are other examples of those who have donated heavily – and have been rewarded with top positions.

Of the 57 ambassadorship nominations made by Biden since August, at least half of them have political appointments as opposed to being career.

Yet, we’re supposed to sit back and trust that President Biden has the best of intentions to help Americans. He knows what Americans need, right? He doesn’t have the slightest clue what Americans need – and he’s been putting Americans second and third behind every high-need country since before he even took office.

Now that his pay-to-play ambassadorship nomination structure is out in the open, he might actually have to spend some time combing through resumes before he looks to see how much everyone donated. What the president is doing is disgusting, yet because he’s a Democrat, he’ll get away with it.

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