Parents Are Viciously Fighting The State Of Virginia & Its Woke School District

In newly released documents from Virginia’s Loudoun County Public schools, the district distributed more than $34,000 for 55 hours of Critical Race Theory coaching last year. The curriculum included slides that talk about “White Individualism” and “Color Group Collectivism” as well as focusing heavily on Black and Latino issues.

Former Justice Department official and Fight For Schools executive director Ian Prior shared that a parent volunteer filed a freedom of information request about the courses on Critical Race Theory. He highlighted a number of issues within the presentation and said that the teaching is making assumptions about everybody and their life situation based on race.

Shawntel Cooper, a mother of two biracial students at the school, said she’s been outspoken at school board meetings against Critical Race Theory and other radical left programs that have no place in schools. She said she was bugged by the “White Individualism” trait, which claimed that all white individuals do is think about themselves.

Cooper said that as an African American she did not relate to the traits listed on the “Color Group Collectivism” slide, which eschews independence and is associated with shared property. The other slide was affiliated with white individualism and private property.

“My uncle taught me if I have two hands, two feet – you work hard. That’s always been a trait in my family. You work hard; you get what you want,” Cooper said.

She continued to question the motives surrounding critical race theory and why they are teaching it in schools. She asked what would happen if you continue to tell children that they are oppressed or the oppressor and that their dreams are out of reach. Cooper argued that teaching CRT is teaching racism “with more racism.”

Critical race theory encourages people to view every social situation under the lens of race. It teaches that every White person is inherently oppressive and that every Black person is inherently oppressed. It places people in a category and that nothing can be done about it. It is teaching kids to hate and nothing else. How is this not racist?

Another concerned mother Xi Van Fleet, whose son graduated from Loudon High School, spoke at one of the recent school board meetings and said that Critical Race Theory has its roots in cultural Marxism. She said she spent her youth under Chairman Mao Zedong’s regime in China and that Critical Race Theory is nothing more than a U.S version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

She recalled the events under the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which caused the deaths of at least 20 million people between 1966 and 1976. She said that schools were altered for the sake of political correctness and that the Red Guards destroyed everything against the spirit of Communism. She said that the evils of communism are “manifesting in the U.S” under a different name and slammed the school board for their decisions.

“Critical race theory has its roots in cultural Marxism — it should have no place in our schools. You are now teaching, training our children, to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history,” Xi Van Fleet said.

One Loudoun County School Board Meeting went viral after at least two people were arrested as parents were cut off from speaking against CRT and a transgender policy. One parent refused to leave until everybody had an opportunity to speak and the situation turned physical when he resisted arrest.

Virginia is trying to kneel down to the ‘woke mob’ and parents aren’t having it. Critical Race Theory is nothing but divisive teachings that will turn our country in the opposite direction.

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  1. Glory, Glory Halleluia for the Loudoun County Parents,
    who are awake & have declared war against the RACE MONGERS & their Traveling Companion, The CRT AGENDA.
    Little Children of European Heritage are bring “SET-UP”
    for eventual Genocide in the USA. CRT IS A KILLER OF OUR
    REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. Thank God for these Brave Parents.

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