Lame Liberals Still Trying to Erase Donald Trump From History–See Their Latest Childish Move

Donald Trump has been by far the most influential president to have ever served the American people. His ability to unite people of different cultures and nationalities is unsurpassed in American history. He was loved by people, which is one reason the Democrats despised him so much. He did things for the people instead of being controlled by special interest groups or big money.

Trump left a lot of things in place that the Democrats are trying to erase. Biden’s first day in office was to strike down all the reasonable regulations that Republicans left for the people. Biden could not live with seeing Trump’s name attached to effective policies. He just had to erase his name from his sight.

Every Democrat is constantly looking for things that remain with Trump’s name on them. The House of Representatives found three rules that they rabidly want to see removed. They want to destroy regulations that deal with methane, money lending, and employment discrimination.

Congress can review and reject federal regulations put in place by previous administrations. They have 60 sessions to review and either approve or disapprove of regulations. Failure to act means the rules take effect, and no one can erase them.

The Democrats need to kill Trump’s rules, so they craft their own.

Trump’s legacy was designed to benefit the people. Instead, Joe Biden seeks to harm people by pulling back what was making lives better for people everywhere.

The rule of change that the liberals are using is highly controversial. It allows people to destroy rules without ever the means to replace them. Daniel Perez is with George Washington University. He stated that there are “lots of different tools that you can use to shift regulatory policy.” The other tools are designed to remove parts of policies that do not work well. For example, Biden uses the hammer rule to obliterate Trump’s rules so they can never be used again.

Many see the rule that Biden and the House use to destroy Donald Trump as the worst law that Congress has ever enacted. Biden wants to see more regulations placed on Trump’s three areas, but they have to be regulations of his choosing. He cannot stand to mix his rules with what is already working. So he has to erase Trump, so his rules will dictate what happens to people moving forward.

The issue is that the Democrats do not have a plan to replace what they want to remove. When Biden erased the border regulations, he did not have anything better to replace Trump’s rules. So, they made a crisis and tried to ignore their screw-up.

Biden wants to erase the rules that limit methane emissions for the oil and gas industries. By removing what Trump put in place resets the country back four years to Obama-era rules. Biden and the other Democrats cannot stand to see simple regulations working well to reduce emissions. They love to control people, and one of the ways is to overregulate industry.

The Democrats also want to remove the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s requirement to provide employers with information when trying to settle a discrimination case in court.

Biden does not want that information being sent to employers that need it because he wants to divide the country and keep certain people oppressed in America. Biden is also making it possible for workers to stiff-arm their employers by keeping them from defending themselves in court. Biden aims to destroy private businesses by letting workers take advantage of them.

The last thing Biden and his Democratic demons what to destroy is a rule that made lenders stay in a mode of transparency and identifies the lender. But Biden wants to erase that rule because he wants lenders to take advantage of people needing particular loans.

Joe Biden and his cronies have no plan for America. All they want to do is take America backward in time to an era that nearly destroyed the country. Instead, Donald Trump pushed America into the future and a time where the country could depend on itself for greatness.

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  1. Why is the Republican Congress not calling for the Impeachment of the Installed President, Joe Biden?
    Joe & his Handlers, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Doc Jill, Hunter Biden, etc., are Governing against the Will of the
    I hoped that we would never see a Hillary Clinton Clone in the White House, but Alas Doc Jill has Slid right into Crooked Hillary’s Pant Suit.

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