Shareholders Warn Coca-Cola To Stop Acting So Woke, Claim Diversity Policies Violate The Law

A group of Coca-Cola shareholders recently sent a letter to the ‘woke’ company claiming that a recent policy aimed at diversity would actually require law firms to violate anti-discrimination laws. The letter points to the policy that the firms must commit at least 30% of billed associates and partner time would be from diverse attorneys, and of that amount, at least half will be from Black attorneys. Only Democrats would try to violate anti-discrimination laws with their own set of “diverse” policies.

Paul Mirengoff, a board member of the American Civil Rights Project, reported that they received the diversity memo from Coca-Cola in January 2021. They demanded that the company either publicly retract the outside-counsel policies or provide access to the corporate records related to these decisions. It notes that the policy alters the term of signed contracts “on the basis of race” and exposes Coke and its shareholders to the risk of liability for violating anti-discrimination laws.

Famed attorney Boyden Gray, who served as White House Counsel under George H.W Bush, even outlined the discriminatory nature of the company’s illegal policy in an open letter. He wrote that by adopting the ‘woke’ policies, Coca-Cola is following the views of “anti-racism” by activist Ibram X Kendi, which teaches people that the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. His teachings also claim that in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently. Apparently, Kendi missed the first day of pre-k when they taught us that two wrongs don’t make a right.

Gray points out the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which prohibited all forms of racial discrimination in private contracting.

“Racial quotas perpetuate the invidious racial classifications of Jim Crow, and they rely on the false, racist notion that blacks and other racial minorities are somehow unable to compete with members of other races. As Justice Thomas has written, ‘there is a moral and constitutional equivalence between laws designed to subjugate a race and those that distribute benefits on the basis of race in order to foster some current notion of equality,’” Gray wrote.

Daniel Morenoff, leader of the ACRP, wrote a letter the same day as Gray requesting they retract the policies in their entirety. He warned Coca-Cola that if they do not retract the policies, then the Stockholders would be forced to seek judicial relief to protect the company and Stockholders’ interest from the ‘woke mob’ mentality.

In 2020, the U.S Tax Court ruled that Coca-Cola owes more than $3.3 billion in taxes. No wonder they jumped on the “Bash Georgia” bandwagon and ‘woke’ nonsense so fast. Whether or not they follow through with their quotas, the virtual signaling was publicized and the end results remain to be seen. Coca-Cola continues to disrespect our laws and U.S citizens, putting the profits ahead of the people.

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  1. I have COMPLETELY stopped buying COKE Products and switched to Diet Pepsi.
    I have completely stopped Fred Meyer Stores and shop Super One Foods.
    I have completely stopped shopping Kohl’s and now shop Macy’s.
    I have found that my money makes no difference to these CEO’s that are NAZI GENERALS for Biden.
    But my conscience seems to be able to sleep at night knowing I am one of those little people who could stop and spend my little income else where’s and I am loving it. What a great experience trying to quit something that you have done for years, and it is scary but I am having fun. Spend your money in the communities you live in it is well worth the troubles.

  2. All these stupid co. Allowing freaks and lazy degenerates dictate to what is wrong Very Wrong in America they need to tell these degenerates get a job and work, quit living of the working class for stupid wrong lying garbage

  3. I use to buy coca cola products. I will never buy anything I know is their product ever again. I have not bought their products for 8 months now and I now have no reason why I would.

    just like i will not fly delta airlines ever again. United, southwest, and Alaska will get me anywhere I want to go.

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