Texas Empties Their Prisons For Migrants As The Border Crisis Grows Worse

To deal with the record-high influx of individuals crossing the border, Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials will start moving inmates from the Dolph Briscoe Unit prison in Dilley to other prisons. They said that the move will help handle and house criminal illegal immigrants and allow more capacity. While the facility is about an hour away from the nearest border town, it was quickly depopulated and emptied of 1,000 beds.

“The state of Texas continues to deal with a significant number of individuals illegally crossing the border. To address the ongoing crisis, Governor Abbott is directing state resources to arrest and confine those individuals crossing the border unlawfully and who have committed a state or federal crime,” a spokesperson read in a statement.

The facility will be used to detain unlawful immigrants and charge them with a state offense. Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the border crisis they are dealing with is a direct result of the open border policies placed by the Biden Administration. He accused President Biden of helping the Cartel make more money, noting that there has been an 800% increase in the amount of fentanyl apprehended at the border.

Gov. Abbott also talked about plans to increase local jail capacity along with the border and increase offenses when state troopers arrest migrants. The migrants would be held on a temporary basis at the medium-to-minimum security prison.

He announced that the jails would be looking for additional bed space and that they would spend $250 million in state money and crowdsourced financing to continue the construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall. This included $1.1 billion in border security funds for the state. While President Biden and ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris continue to ignore the crisis, Texas is stepping up and upholding the rule of law.

The move comes after Customs and Border Protection agents announced a recent report that more than 180,000 illegal immigrants attempted to cross the border in the month of May. This is one of the highest numbers reported in decades and points to Biden’s decision in reversing many key Trump-era border policies.

While states continue to struggle in arresting the mass amounts of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States, many governors have already started sending state law enforcement to the border. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis castigated the Biden Administration for the “disaster and emergency” at the nation’s border. He sent law enforcement officials to the border to help capture those entering the country illegally and working for cartels trafficking illicit drugs.

“We have problems in Florida that are not organic to Florida, that we’ve been forced to deal with over many years but particularly over the last six months, because of the failure of the Biden administration to secure our southern border and indeed to really do anything constructive about what is going on in the southern border,” DeSantis said.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice will be working alongside the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management to enact the plan. They will also work with Operation Lone Star, a program that adds more border security to high threat areas.

Texas and other border states are being forced to foot the bill for illegal immigrants breaking federal laws. Gov. Abbott is putting the welfare of his citizens ahead of those crossing into Texas illegally. Where’s Joe?

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