Break the Resistance Down with Vaccine Passports!

It’s clear that the Democrats don’t plan on establishing any kind of peace with the Republicans. According to one university professor, the resistance has to be broken down – and that will be accomplished with vaccine passports.

Professor Harry Litman, a law professor at the University of California, proclaimed that “vaccine passports are a good idea.” He goes on to say that it will single out those who refuse to get vaccinated and “that should help break the resistance down.”

It wasn’t long before his tweet received a significant amount of harsh criticism.

Donald Trump, Jr. compared the idea of a vaccine passport to the social credit system of China’s Communist Party.

China strips a significant amount of freedoms and liberties from its citizens through this social credit system. They’ve already established a vaccine passport, making it easier to determine who can and cannot travel.

The only countries that think it’s a good idea to use a social credit system are authoritarian governments.

If the U.S. were to go to a vaccine passport, it suddenly creates a two-tiered system. This is what the Democrats claim that they want to avoid when they don’t want IDs to be used to determine if a person can vote or not. Yet, vaccine passports to determine if and where a person can travel is okay.

Donald Trump, Jr. pointed out that authoritarian leftists in the country are eager for the vaccine passport and that every elected GOP officeholder should be publicly opposing such an “un-American concept.”

Professor Litman teaches constitutional law at both UCSD and UCLA. Therefore, he should have a firm understanding of the constitutional rights that Americans have. Identifying that vaccine passports are “a good idea” boggles the mind.

It’s okay to allow the government to track us? It’s okay to allow the government to say that we can or cannot travel based on whether we want to be vaccinated or not?

Each and every year, people make decisions regarding their health. They determine whether they are going to visit a doctor, get immunized against polio and smallpox and whether they’re going to seek out specific surgeries and procedures that may have a positive impact on their health.

As Americans, we have the freedom to choose all of this. It is not dictated. Yet, a vaccine passport is dictating that people have to get vaccinated if they desire the ability to travel – and to what extent.

The vaccine passport has been discussed as a way to limit who can attend events, who can stay at hotels, and who can fly on airplanes. Anyone who isn’t vaccinated would suddenly be deemed a second-rate citizen.

Yet, a professor of constitutional law has gone on to social media to greenlight the concept as a good idea.

It begs the question of whether he actually thinks it’s a good idea or if he thinks, as he puts it, it will break down the resistance.

What does he think the resistance is all about? Is he referring to all Republicans as the resistance? The only thing that the GOP is resisting is authoritarian leftists who are trying to dictate what Americans can and cannot do. If we wanted to be a communist nation like China, we’d be that.

So, if Professor Litman believes that it would be better to turn the country into a communist government, he should brace for more resistance.

Plenty of Twitter users have posed questions to the professor only to go unanswered. They want to know how they can break a basic human right that negates the freedom of choice.

The demand to make unvaccinated people stay away from society begs the next question: if the vaccine is as effective as it claims to be, why can’t vaccinated people be around unvaccinated ones?

It’s safe to say that the vaccine passport is a horrible idea. Everyone should get to make decisions, and a constitutional law professor should know better.

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