White Dem Tweets Klansman Hood To Candace Owens And Twitter Comes To His Defense

Liberals, who have been wanting everything in context under the lens of race, have gotten race issues wrong for quite some time now. Even the language used by liberals is often abusive and inexact, pushing everything under what color a person’s skin is and suggesting some should get “better” treatment than others based on race or gender. If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is.

In recent hypocrisy, Democratic candidate William O’Mara tweeted an image of a Klansman hood to conservative pundit Candace Owens on Twitter. The image was in response to a post that Owens made regarding violent offenders.

“The #1 violent offenders against black people are other black people. The #1 violent offenders against Asian Americans are also black people. But both #BlackLivesMatter and #AsianLivesMatter are campaigns dedicated to stomping out white supremacy because, clown world,” Owens tweeted.

O’Mara responded with the picture of the KKK hood, captioning the image “Yikes. You may’ve dropped this.” The image was reported to Twitter numerous times, but the Big Tech platform stated that the image “did not violate their rules.” Owens responded that she has filed a police report locally which will be transferred to Riverside county, adding that “the police will explain to you why you can’t send klansmen hoods to black people.” She adds that she has done this on behalf of black conservatives and is “sick and tired of unchecked racist Democrats.”

Owens describes the insult in a separate tweet that her own grandfather who is “still alive and breathing” suffered the real klansmen in his youth. O’Mara wrote in a separate tweet that he was “sorry that the image” offended her, but that the point being is that he didn’t like seeing ‘normalized white supremacy in American political discourse.’

Owens fires back that if you really want to “stomp out white supremacy,” you don’t be a white guy who sends klansmen hoods to black people. She writes that he is only apologizing now because she is filing a police report adds that he “spent all morning trying to justify the imagery by claiming my statistics were racist.” Others also came to her defense that the post did not use “explicit white supremacist rhetoric,” as he called it, and to offer a real apology and move on.

Owens also called out Twitter admins for allowing the image to remain on the site. Time and time again, Big Tech has shown its true alliance with radically left agendas and allowing a clearly racist White male democrat (who is also running for office) to tweet a Klansman hood to a Black conservative woman. And that’s not a hate crime? Racism is clearly okay on the platform, as long as it’s been tweeted by a democrat.

Any facts that elude the current media’s narrative is “racist,” but everyone knows that there is nothing more racist than ‘Woke Progressive racism.’

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