Cuomo Proves He is an Attacker as He Threatens Accuser With Letter Which is an Age Old Method Used to Silence the Victim

Governor Andrew Cuomo is the classic example of a Democrat bully. When someone confronts him with an accusation or some fact that he hates, he tries to intimidate that person into silence. This is a tactic used by sexual predators that want to force their victim into silence. They usually threaten them with future harm or future injury to people they care about.

The seven women that Cuomo abused have kept quiet for a long time. They have all alluded to bully tactics and fear that Cuomo used against them to enlist their silence. His actions are no better than those of sexual predators sitting in prison for life.

And what makes it worse for the victims is the fact that the media is helping the sick man bully the women. Reporter Gwynne Hogan came under attack by the media when she asked about Cuomo and the investigation. It was then that the news muted her, so she could not talk about it.

Hogan had to tweet what happened to get her story out. She wrote, “Got muted immediately after asking why @NYGovCuomo leaked Boylan’s personnel records and reportedly circulated a letter saying she was backed by Trump supporters, @JonCampbellGAN did you get muted? Governors office had said they would start allowing us follow up questions…”

Cuomo deliberately leaked a letter that was intended to discredit Lindsey Boylan. The late governor tried to use the letter to get Boylan to shut up and retract her accusations. But that was before six more women would join Boylan and stand together to fight the sexual predator.

Cuomo had to respond by stating that “Miss Boylan is one of the issues that is going to be reviewed by the Assembly and the attorney general, and I want them to do their review and let them determine the facts, and then we’ll take it from there.”

His reasoning for releasing the letter was supposed to let people talk about the facts. But the facts that he was trying to provide were his own and not proven by a third-party investigator.

Cuomo also tried to downplay the matter by saying, “You need to know facts. Now, we could either debate facts in the media or we could let fact-finders find facts, and then have an intelligent conversation on an agreed-to set of facts, rather than have competing facts.”

The only facts he wants to talk about are the ones that he is trying to feed the media. What he released was an all-out attack on Boylan and her character. He tried to smear her into the ground. Boylan would have been threatened in this fashion if she were to make the issue public.

Andrew Cuomo tried to make it appear that Boylan came after him for political reasons. The kind of accusation that one would expect from a power stealing Democrat. The only part of the matter that was self-serving was the conduct of Cuomo towards these women. He wanted to rape them and have a way to get away with it.

The governor even tried to link the problem to Donald Trump by proving that Boylan was somehow connected to him. Trump was blamed for the selfish actions of crooked Cuomo. It just boggles the mind to know that Donald Trump is responsible for all of the problems found within the Democratic Party.

Crooked Cuomo is devious in that he even tried to get other women that love him to sign the letter to make it look legitimate. Those that did sign the letter would later reveal that Cuomo threatened them to sign or face the consequences. Cuomo is a more wicked version of Joe Biden who is willing to bully women into doing things that he demands them to do.

Boylan is another Democrat who is trying to run for the Manhattan borough president position. Democrats are even willing to eat their own to remain in power. Cuomo had the letter ready to go should Boylan continue to spin her story about her life as Cuomo’s sex pet. And all because the governor wants to remain in power for as long as he possibly can.

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