Bring on the Terror as Biden Let’s Them Come In

Joe Biden has proved yet again where his loyalties are positioned. Not only has he allowed thousands of illegals to cross into American cities, but he has also given known terrorists something they desire most of all from influential leaders. He has exonerated them from the terrorist list.

The move by Biden proves he loves death more than life.

Ansarallah terrorists were the ones responsible for attacking the airport at the Yemeni port of Aden. And it was this group that Biden freely gave the permission to travel to America if they so desired.

The Iranian-supported Yemeni Houthi militia was placed on the Foreign Terrorist Organization list because they terrorize innocent people.

President Donald Trump put them on the terrorist list because they are a danger to the United States’ security. They were responsible for killing 16 people and wounding 60 others in their last attack.

Reporter Greg Norman stated that the “The members of the Yemeni government’s newly formed Cabinet, including Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed, were greeted with a loud explosion soon after its plane landed Wednesday in the city of Aden, in what an official is calling a ‘cowardly terrorist attack carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.’”

Since Biden has removed the rightfully placed ban on the group, he is allowing them free movement within the United States.

Biden’s order allows them to have access to “…any property, tangible or intangible, or service, including currency or monetary instruments or financial securities, financial services, lodging, training, expert advice or assistance, safehouses, false documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel, and transportation, except medicine or religious materials.”

Biden has allowed them to come and go as they please, and he is allowing them to receive aid from America.

In a statement from Biden’s FTO Secretary, it was discovered that “Effective February 16, I am revoking the terrorist designations recently imposed on Ansarallah. We must deliver humanitarian assistance and commercial imports into Yemen. We remain focused on Ansarallah’s malign activity and are identifying additional targets for designation.”

So now Biden is lying to people about what he intends to do with terrorists. He is looking to supply them with resources and give them humanitarian aid when needed.

This kind of favoritism strikes at the very heart of betrayal. Instead of helping killers, Biden should be concentrating on helping Americans. He is more concerned about getting rid of Trump’s policies than he is anything else.

Blinken went on to point out the reasoning behind the move.

He stated that “‘Washington hopes that the move will encourage warring sides to engage in dialogue. But the Houthis continue to carry out malign activity. This includes taking control of large areas of Yemen by force, attacking U.S. partners in the Gulf, kidnapping and torturing citizens of the U.S. and many of its allies, diverting humanitarian aid, and brutally repressing Yemenis in areas they control.’”

Biden hopes that these terrorists will talk to the people that they want to hurt to see if they will work out some kind of deal. Biden does not understand that the terrorists do not want to talk. They want to kill and terrorize people because it is all about control and power for them.

The Iranian-backed group kills people whenever they want to. Mike Pompeo stated that this move by Biden was “odd” at best. He stated that “It’s a fact that Iran is sponsoring the Houthis, and the Houthis are conducting terror. U.S. Law says if they’re conducting terror, you should designate them a terrorist organization.”

Joe Biden is all about calling killers by a less hurtful name. He honestly thinks that these people will put down their bombs and talk their way to a peace treaty. The only thing he has done is permitted another Iranian terrorist group to start killing people on a larger scale.

They will no longer feel the United States’ wrath because they are no longer seen as an international enemy. Instead, they will be looking for ways to cross the ocean to bring terror to the shores of America.

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