Bo Snerdley Gets Emotional Honoring Limbaugh While MSNBC Stoops To A New Low

There is a man known to millions of listeners as “Bo Snerdley” or “Mr. Snerdley.” He is “The Rush Limbaugh Show” producer and call-screener James Golden. He joined his dear friend Sean Hannity to praise the conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh and honor his friend. Limbaugh died Wednesday at the age of 70 from lung cancer complications.

“So I will get back to posting news stories tomorrow. Sorry been so lean today and yesterday. Tonight I will join my dear friend @seanhannity I just can’t stop crying. It comes in waves -often unexpectedly. Heartbroken,” Snerdley tweeted.

Snerdley joined the “Hannity” show shortly after to praise Rush and talk about his audience, which ran anywhere from small children to senior citizens. His listeners didn’t fall under any particular demographic and beyond anything, saw Rush as one of the most generous and wonderful spirits you’d ever meet.

“There was nowhere on TV that you could get conservative ideology; that you could get the values that represent what most Americans believe until Rush. He changed the media. He changed the landscape,” an emotional Snerdley said.

Snerdley went on to say how angry he was and how much it burns his soul to read the left-leaning media platforms call Limbaugh a racist and misogynist, as well as spreading falsehoods about his life and career in his passing.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid stooped to a new low and claimed Limbaugh “used his black sidekick as a cover,” and characterizing Snerdley as a cover for his supposed racism. She went on to say Snerdley was kept around as a shield so that Limbaugh could do “outright racist stuff” like getting “white Americans to hate the Affordable Care Act.”

“[Rush] called President Obama ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ and used his black sidekick as a cover to be able to do like that kind of outright racist stuff. I mean, if any person other than Donald Trump would have been president, it would have been him, because he basically was president for the last four years,” Reid claimed.

The Obama reference is from a 2007 piece written by an LA Times columnist. So much for investigative journalism. In the process, Joy Reid reflects everything that is wrong in respecting views that are different from your own.

The New York Times went so far as to suggest the show producer did not exist at all. They wrote that Mr. Limbaugh had no “on-the-air sidekicks” and had conversations with the “unheard voice of somebody he called ‘Bo Snerdly.’” Washington Examiner commentator T. Becket Adams asked if the New York Times doesn’t know that Bo Snerdley is a real person. “Limbaugh wasn’t just making it up. This isn’t ‘Caliphate,’” he wrote.

People considered Rush a “second-generation Founding Father” and a man with talent from god. We can’t wrap our arms around this. We can’t wrap our brains and our hearts around this … we are so thankful to him,” Snerdley added.

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