FL City Creates Whole Week of Honor for Trump

It doesn’t take much of a genius to understand why the political left and even a few on the right never liked now-former President Donald Trump.

For starters, he’s not a politician and, therefore, doesn’t play by the typical set of rules expected by a national leader. And secondly, that no so politically-motivated mind of his didn’t always check his words or comments, particularly when it comes to social media.

He doesn’t care who gets offended by his manner of speech or the way he thinks. And he doesn’t play around with the press, hoping to make more friends than enemies.

To say a man like that can be a little off-putting is quite an understatement.

However, at the end of the day, it wasn’t about his speech or the feathers he may have ruffled. It was about what he did for the American people.

Most of us, or at least those who actually want what’s best for our future generations, know that actions speak louder than words. Where Trump may not have spoken so eloquently, he made up for it by doing things like striking peace deals between nations we could have just as easily gone to war with. Or by increasing American jobs here at home, as well as putting more money in the average American’s pocket each week.

And that’s precisely why a city in Florida decided this week that they will forever hold President Donald J. Trump in honor.

In the small central Florida city of Frostproof, city officials took a vote on Monday evening confirming the city’s desire to create a whole week of honor for our former Commander-in-Chief. As Newsweek reported, the first week of February will forevermore be known as “Donald J. Trump week.”

According to the outlet, the idea was recently put before Frostproof’s vice mayor and city councilor Austin Gravely, who then agreed to take it before the city council.

Before attending the city council meeting where the vote was taken, Gravely wrote on his Facebook account, “Excited to honor former President Donald J Trump Monday night.”

And while the political left claims Trump is the most divisive man to walk the face of the earth, when the vote was taken, there was no pushback from the council nor the community once the vote was announced.

In fact, if anything, it made people excited.

Frostproof’s Mayor Jon Albert noted that this was somewhat expected from the community of about 3,000. According to voting records, some 76 percent of all Frostproof residents voted for Trump in 2020 on November 3.

City officials cited that Trump’s high approval rating within the city has much to do with the many jobs he brought to the country during his short four years in office, as well as for “engaging in no new wars… while bringing many troops home.”

And for real Americans, it’s things like this that really matter. It’s not about the promises being lauded from a platform. It’s not about how smoothly put together a speech is, or even how nicely dressed the man is.

For us, what really matters are that things get done to increase productivity, reduce unemployment, and protect the freedoms our Constitution gave us. And that’s what Trump did.

Before the pandemic hit, America had the lowest unemployment rates in nearly 70 years. Every single American took home more weekly pay than ever before, including minorities. And we had more troops home than at one time than our nation has seen since before the attacks of 9/11.

And yet, the Democrats couldn’t stand the way he talked. Or that he was making a good name for Republicans. So they impeached him, not once but twice now. Even as we speak, though he is no longer in office, they are rallying troops to end his political career for good and forever bring shame to his name.

Not that the good people of Frostproof, or the hundreds of others in cities all across the nation, will let that sway them. To them, he will always be worthy of their praise and respect.

Biden, on the other hand, you know, the man who was supposed to save us from Trump’s evil grasp, has already proven to us he’s worthy of nothing but disgrace.

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