China’s Lies EXPOSED: New Documentary Slams China’s Coronavirus Cover-Up

China has blood on its hands. A lot of blood.

China didn’t just maliciously sabotage the world — China attacked the world in an act of biological warfare with the Coronavirus.

In late January 2020, the director of the Wuhan Center for Disease Prevention and Control stated Chinese Communist Party lies that “This new coronavirus is not highly contagious,” and that the “risk of transmission remains low.”

Four days later, the Chinese Communist Party put Wuhan into a hard lockdown. They knew.

The Chinese Communist Party then lied to nations around the world for months and pushed their infected populations to travel to other countries, infecting countries around the globe resulting in death and economic destruction.

An enraging new HBO documentary about China’s coronavirus pandemic coverup opened the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday, exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s bald-faced lies, distortion, and attempt to cripple the other countries, including the United States and the European Union, with biological warfare.

China’s official death toll is underreported by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

Republicans sounded the China alarm for years, but left-wingers apparently wanted to wait until after election season to smarten up to China’s malice.

The HBO documentary titled “In the Same Breath” begins hours after a crowd-packed New Year’s Eve celebration in Wuhan, China, which is a city of 11 million people. Wuhan would soon be the center of the epidemic.

The next day, Chinese Communist Party-controlled news readers recited state-approved scripts that downplayed the threat, including mentioning that “eight people were punished for spreading rumors about unknown pneumonia.”

“A reminder from the police: Obey laws and regulations for online activities,” they told their fearful and obedient population.

After the Chinese Communist Party attacked its people, they then turned to and resumed attacking Chinese doctors for trying to report the COVID-19 outbreak.

As early as December 2019, Chinese doctors and whistleblowers were frantically trying to alert global health authorities to the development of a new virus in Wuhan that was ripping through the population like a forest fire through tinder.

China’s ultimate plan was to export the virus to the world. The Chinese Communist Party has succeeded in killing more than 2 million people worldwide.

But for the plan to work, the Chinese Communist Party had to make its own people suffer first. The City of Wuhan was offered as a sacrificial lamb to the altar of Beijing’s blood-stained geopolitical strategy for world domination.

Wuhan exploded with the Coronavirus, turning apocalyptic. The documentary captures devastating footage of communists turning away seniors at filled-to-capacity hospitals.

“We can’t keep her in his ambulance forever,” says one doctor referring to a patient in the documentary who is idling on a stretcher outside a hospital with no more room.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party reported an official death toll of a mere 3,300. The documentary turns to the Wuhan funeral homes and crematories who call that number ridiculous.

“Only a fool will believe that number,” said one crematory director. “It’s not that hard to figure out the number of bodies we took in and cremated. I would make at least 10 trips each day to collect bodies and each trip I would take in 10 bodies. This is just from me, one person with one van. Our estimate is that at our funeral home alone, we cremated 10,000 to 20,000 bodies.”

Another funereal director agrees, stating that a cemetery worker helped him see the full scope of truth and of the Chinese Communist Party’s lies.

“On March 28, the day of my dad’s funeral, a gravedigger accidentally blurted out the truth to me. He said, ‘There are only about a hundred of us working at the cemetery. How can we handle 20,000 to 30,000 new tombs?’ “

Instead of warning the world and saving 2 million lives, the Chinese Communist Party instead denied the existence of the Coronavirus and pushed out an endless stream of upside-down lies and false propaganda.

The Chinese Communist Party told Chinese “journalists” that “the Communist Party needs to fully control the media, public relations, and ideology . . . We need to use our pens and cameras as weapons to tell the world about China’s victory over the outbreak, China’s strength, and China’s power. We should control the outlet of information to spread positive energy.”

China lied and people died. China has the blood of two million people around the world on its hands.

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