A Rare Moment of Insight? Cuomo Admits That NYC’s “Incompetent Government Led to a Lot of Unnecessary Deaths From COVID”

If you are anything like us, you watched this clip yesterday and you are still trying your absolute best to make sense of it. We are a bit disoriented at the moment, so bear with us. “Incompetent government kills people. More people died than needed to die in Covid. That’s the truth,” said Cuomo. Well, there is one thing that we can say for sure here.

He is certainly not wrong about that. If Cuomo had been a little more competent when it came to handling the pandemic, a lot more people would have lived. We are imagining that there are a lot of relatives of those who passed away in nursing homes who are wondering why he couldn’t have this moment of clarity a bit sooner.

If he had, countless lives would have been saved. Instead, Cuomo decided that he had to write a book about just how awesome he is as a governor. The man took a victory lap before the race even started. That’s why we are experiencing a bit of what they call ‘narrative whiplash’ right now. We thought he had done the best job ever!

This is what happens when you allow the Democratic politicians to write the story before it is even over. We feel like we just got smacked over the head with a 2 x 4 of delicious irony and it is going to take us a minute or two to recover. The lack of self-awareness on display here is astounding. Cuomo is not enough of a genius to be on the act, either.

He is really that dumb! When COVID-19 first revealed itself, he took his sweet time issuing. The next time he tries to act like some sort of superhero, someone needs to remind him of one key fact. He allowed Bill de Blasio, someone who is not known for their quick thinking abilities, to outflank him on this one. de Blasio was much faster to close than the great and mighty Cuomo and that’s a stain on his legacy that cannot be erased no matter what.

Cuomo is also responsible for sending infected nursing home patients back to these facilities, which led to a more rapid spread. There is a great deal of blood on his hands but if you ask him? He did all he could do. Any problems that the state of New York is having when it comes to the pandemic are now deflected to Trump.

Oh, wait! That option has now been taken away and Cuomo is left to figure it out for himself. We just have one more question to ask: how did Nicole Wallace manage to sit through this soundbite without losing her mind entirely? No one is going to be able to believe this but this isn’t even the most insane thing Cuomo has said this week about the pandemic.

This man said “never get cocky with COVID”, neglecting the fact that he has already written a book about how great he is at handling it. He’s got more hubris than brains, that’s for sure. In the interest of remaining somewhat fair, the state of New York is doing much better than many of its counterparts as far as vaccine distribution is concerned.

The state ranks in the top ten for the percentage of citizens who have received their first dose. At least Cuomo seems ready to handle the next few months of this crisis with a bit more grace and dignity than he showed previously. Maybe the state of New York will be able to escape the pandemic without any more stupidity taking place?

That’s probably a pipe dream right now but we are rooting for them anyway. Cuomo plans on easing restrictions for various businesses now that the numbers are starting to dwindle but he reserves the right to make changes as needed. For the sake of the state of New York, we hope he’s done playing games.

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