AP ‘Factcheck’ of Biden’s Normandy Moment Doesn’t Actually ‘Factcheck’ Anything

We’ve been writing about Joe Biden’s travails while he’s been in Normandy, France for the 80th anniversary. 

One video has gotten a lot of attention on social media  — the one where while the Jill and the Macrons were standing next to him, he looked out of it as he was shaking Macron’s hand. 

Then he tried to sit. It prompted a lot of questions about what he was doing because it was odd that while everyone was standing he was trying to sit and then he seemed to stop in the middle and then just stand there in a half crouch for a moment. 

We wrote about that and a host of other awkward moments. 


Biden’s Awkward Moments of Confusion in Normandy

Biden Gets Caught With Embarrassing Hot Mic Moment During D-Day Ceremonies

But now, check out the AP’s “fact check” on it.

The AP is saying claims about the incident don’t show the full context. Then they themselves don’t show the full context, zooming in on Biden in the video and not showing how he was weirdly trying to sit while everyone else was standing and how it took longer than normal for him and he was in that sort of half-counched position. They attack one extreme claim that wasn’t true — about an invisible chair —  but not the greater question being asked that many had about Biden in the video. 

The RNC video, for example, never claimed he was trying to sit in a chair that wasn’t there and it accurately reflects what occurred, simply calling it “awkward.” 

Then they take that “debunking” (which wasn’t really a debunking) and expand on it to claim that “edited clips like this have followed Biden” to support “an ongoing narrative that he is mentally incompetent.” So if this is “debunked” everything else you’ve heard is probably not true either, they suggest. 

How does that debunk the mountain of evidence of Biden’s brain glitching out and being incoherent for the past three-plus years? The fact that even Special Counsel Robert Hur termed him an “elderly man with a poor memory” because of the issues during the interview, including not even remembering when he was Vice President? How about him claiming he was Vice President during the pandemic just this past month? Or a host of other things over the last three years? 

The AP just shot any credibility they had to hell, if they had any left. Their “debunking” has gotten almost two million views, with most scolding them over such a ridiculous effort. 

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