The Press Headlines After a Police Officer Is Stabbed to Death By a Radical Muslim Will Blow Your Mind

It’s been said before, and it will be said again, but you really don’t hate the press enough.

Mayhem was unleashed in Mannheim, Germany, on Friday, with a knife-wielding man stabbing several people. One police officer was struck in the head and neck multiple times and perished from his wounds. 

Video of the incident has gone viral, showing officers tackling innocent bystanders multiple times, allowing the attacker to stab more people. One of those was the officer who ultimately died. I won’t embed the video, but if you really want to watch it for yourself, you can find it here.

The way things played out was then mimicked by the press in an incredible campaign of deception. Can you figure out who the attacker was based on the headlines below? And who do they obviously want you to think it was? That’s going to become highly relevant in just a moment.

The community note on that latter post gives the game away. Yes, this attack was perpetrated by an Afghan refugee. Instead of pointing that out, though, multiple press outlets tried to give the impression that a radical right-winger carried out the stabbing. Just as the cops rushed to tackle the white guys during the attack, allowing the terrorist to kill a police officer, the news outlets are rhetorically protecting him in the same way. It’s astonishing. 

The Times of Israel, a left-wing newspaper, joined the party as well. 

This is what intersectional theory does to the brain. A radical Muslim stabbed multiple people, including murdering a police officer, and the press was still so beholden to the hierarchy that they chose to insinuate the attacker was “far-right.” Europeans are so committed to the idea that “diversity is our strength” that they’d rather see people killed than speak the truth lest it lead to “Islamophobia.” 

It’s insane, and it’s another level compared to what we see in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, the American press is almost as bad, but they aren’t quite there yet. Give them time, though. 

Here’s the reality that the press is too afraid to say. All cultures are not created equal. They do not all respect normal, Judeo-Christian values. Some are objectively worse than others. Continuing to import “refugees” from third-world Islamist states (and allowing those already there to stay) is a recipe for societal collapse. The far-left would rather let that happen, though, than risk the chance of being called bigots. 

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  1. This is all due to the lax and often times promotion of illegal immigration, collapse of our national borders and border inforcement. This is all driven by the Globalists to caused collapse of goverments so that they can take over world domination and control it for their own edification.

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