Liberal Social Media Pages Celebrate Donald Trump Verdict by Thanking Stormy Daniels

Left-wing social media channels are celebrating former President Donald Trump’s Thursday guilty verdict by touting Stormy Daniels, Hillary Clinton, the all-black and all-female appeals court, and other beloved liberal figureheads.

Occupy Democrats and its ten million followers have been reveling in the success of the nation’s blatant two-tiered justice system, with more than 43,000 Facebook users reacting to its meme of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the caption, “Lock who up???”

Another post features Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and President Joe Biden having a gossipy phone call about the New York jury’s decision to convict Trump of 34 felonies related to his business records. 

Another meme features Biden presenting Daniels with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her testimony given during the criminal case — which comedian Bill Maher called out as faulty after he compared her words in the courtroom to a previous interview with her. 

Crediting the porn star and former stripper for the verdict appears to be a common theme from Occupy Democrats, with several other posts instructing its followers to “thank” her for “finally bringing some accountability to Teflon Don.”

The Other 98%, another liberal-run Facebook page with more than 7.1 million followers, seems to believe that since New York’s appellate court is made up of black women, it will automatically be biased against Trump — and that that is a good thing. 

Even the page’s liberal fans were perplexed at this meme, with some commenters saying they were “offended” by the racial and sexist implications of the post. 

“I’m not a Trump fan not even close to.. but I’m a little offended by this .. it seems that because the appeals court are all women and black means that Trump won’t get a fair hearing… is this something we want to project to our citizens,” one commenter wrote.

“I hope that the identities of the judges are irrelevant and that the law is applied fairly and impartially,” said another. “The post demeans the professionalism of these judges. I despise Trump because I respect the rule of law.”

Another post thanking Daniels also went viral from The Other 98% page, garnering more than 157,000 likes in less than a day. 

Feminist News, a page boasting of “smashing the patriarchy” with nearly two million followers, also memed Clinton basking in the “karma” of Trump’s conviction. 

The far-left page is also pushing the narrative that Trump can not win an appeal with black women. 

As Democrat and leftist pages celebrate the conviction of a former president and current presidential candidate, the Republican Party’s online platform has been getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of donations pouring in to support Trump. 

In a post on his social media platform Truth Social, Trump stated that “the people” will make the “real verdict” on election day. 

“They know what happened here,” he asserted. 

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