CNN Admits Democrats’ Attempts to Embarrass Trump Have Fallen Flat

The political character assassination of Donald Trump isn’t going how Democrats would have hoped, largely thanks to their utter incompetence and consistent failure. 

As CNN reported on Wednesday, before the trial concerning Trump’s “hush money” payment began, 46 percent of Americans believed that Trump was guilty of his crimes. After the examination of Michael Cohen…46 percent believe he’s guilty. This indicates that the people who wanted Trump to be guilty still think he’s guilty, but no one was moved otherwise. The people who made up their minds beforehand wouldn’t be changed by any evidence or circumstance. 

The interesting part is when CNN got down to figuring out why there was no change. 

CNN referenced an Ipsos poll that showed what Americans are really paying attention to. At the top of the list was, naturally, the things that are effecting them directly. The economy and inflation was the top concern at 65 percent with immigration coming in at 52 percent. Next was election legitimacy at 49 percent. 

At the bottom was Trump’s court case at 42 percent. 

“The fact is most Americans don’t really care that much,” said CNN reporter Harry Enton. 

The point made is that there are far greater things to worry about than what the Democrat’s latest efforts to stop Trump are.

“A big reason why American’s minds aren’t changing is at this particular point, John, they are tuned out of the conversation,” Enton added.

Enton even pointed out that Trump is still winning over Biden in terms of approval by a single point. He says that while it’s still a winnable race for Biden, Trump has all the momentum. 

For the majority of Americans who aren’t as tuned into politics, it’s hard to care about what the Democrats are saying about Trump when all the people can think is about how hard it is for them and their families economically and the people at the center of the problem are the Democrats. 

The Trump trial was a multi-purpose attempt at boosting the Democrats’ chances in November. It was an avenue to take Trump off the board, or at the very least, a way to discredit him as a suitable candidate in the eyes of many Americans. It was a “bread and circuses” attack that put the Democrats’ main concern right into the center of the Colosseum to fight for his life against predators. 

But they’d clearly never seen the movie “Gladiator.” It only made him more popular. 

Ultimately, James Carville was right when he said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” It’s hard for Americans to overlook something that affects their lives that drastically, and Biden’s economy is one of the worst we’ve seen in a long time. If times were good and the economy wasn’t a concern, Trump’s trial would likely be the trial of the century, but all the noise around it is being drowned out by the stress Americans are facing in their bank accounts. 

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It probably didn’t help that more people thought Trump was innocent anyway. 

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