Biden Campaign Unleashes Trump Derangement Syndrome Patient Robert De Niro Outside New York Courthouse

The Biden campaign on Tuesday morning staged a press conference outside of the Manhattan courtroom where closing arguments were set to begin in the business records trial of former President Donald Trump.

Speaking at the press conference were actor Robert De Niro, and two former Capitol police officers on January 6, Harry Dunn — who is running for Congress, and Michael Fanone.

DeNiro unleashed full Trump Derangement Syndrome, claiming that if Trump were elected, he would “never” leave office.

“He will never leave!” DeNiro said, claiming that Trump would make himself “dictator for life.”

The move smacked of desperation. Trump and dozens of his supporters have essentially hosted daily press conferences outside of the courtroom over the past several weeks, giving them a high-profile platform.

“You all are already here,” said Dunn, when asked by reporters why they staged the press conference outside of the courtroom.

Just last week, Trump hosted a campaign rally in the Bronx, reportedly drawing an estimated 25,000 supporters.

The move also smacked of politics. President Joe Biden has reportedly stayed quiet on the trial so as to not give credence to Trump’s accusations of political persecution. Politico reported just Friday that Biden would make a statement when there was a verdict, but from a White House “setting” and not a campaign one, so it would not look “political.”

However, that changed Tuesday morning when the Biden-Harris campaign announced they would hold a press conference outside of the courtroom.

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