How Low Can You Go: Ana Navarro’s Vile Remarks About Latino Trump Supporters

Is there any wonder that some black people and Latinos are fleeing the Democrats and supporting former President Donald Trump? 

Trump has a big tent, he wants everyone to come in, and he’s talking about the things that they care about, including the economy and illegal immigration: 

Meanwhile, if you are a black or Latino South Bronx supporter at Trump’s Bronx rally, you have Democrats denying that you were even present at Trump’s rally: 

You had Democrats wishing them ill: 

You had Democrats calling them “clowns” and his Bronx rally “fake”: 

But CNN commentator Ana Navarro apparently decided she wanted to compete with Hochul and the other Democrats for worst remark of the week. CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Navarro about what she made of all this and why Latinos would support Trump:

There are some Latino immigrants who forget they came here as immigrants and who want to shut the door behind them, and who think being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American, pass as whatever. And that’s a very stupid attitude to have.

She even made it worse, somehow suggesting a comparison to an anti-Hispanic shooting.

Navarro then cited the 2019 mass shooting by a gunman targeting Hispanics in El Paso, Texas, in an effort to shame Latino GOP supporters. 
“What folks don’t realize is that when the guy drives thousands of miles to go hunt down Latinos in a Walmart in Texas, he doesn’t care when you came here. He doesn’t care what your accent is,” she said. “What he’s looking for is, does it look like me, does it sound like me? That’s what he’s looking for. So, you know, when people are anti-something, they’re not asking for your papers, they’re just anti-that group.”

 Wow, how disgusting is this take? Talk about a “you ain’t black” and “deplorables” moment. 

Did she just claim that Latinos were trying to “pass”? Yes, she did. 

Then she claimed that by supporting Trump, they were somehow forgetting they came as immigrants and were “anti-immigrant.” 

No, being against illegal immigration isn’t being “anti-immigrant” — it’s being supportive of the law and of a proper immigration process, the process that they, legal immigrants, had to go through and illegal aliens are bypassing. It’s a perverse lie to call them anti-immigrant. 

Plus, maybe they’re fleeing to Trump because like many other Americans, they see he’s better on policies and for the economy. They remember when there weren’t wars brewing around the world, and when they had more money in their pockets under Trump. And some fled Communism where they came from, so they will do all they can against it taking hold here. 

But this is how low the media and Democrats will sink to try to put down Trump or anyone who supports him. They wouldn’t try to better their policies or understand why Americans are supporting Trump. They’ll just attack to try to hold onto control. 


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