Cruel Summer: Bidenflation Pushes Memorial Day Cookout Costs Up 10%

Millions of American families will feel the sharp sting of inflation this weekend as they pick up food for Memorial Day cookouts.

The average cost of a Memorial Day cookout will be $30 this year, up 10 percent from a year ago, according to WalletHub.

Close to a record number of Americans plan to travel this weekend, according to Wallet Hub, and they’ll be facing higher gas prices than they did a year ago. Gas prices are up four percent compared with the Memorial Day weekend of last year.

High prices may leave some people asking “where’s the beef?” The price of ground beef is up six percent compared with a year ago. Steak prices are up 6.5 percent. Hotdog prices are up 7.1 percent.

There may be some refuge in chicken. Prices are basically flat compared with a year ago.

But hold the mustard. The prices of “other condiments” are up 8.7 percent and prices of sauces are up 3.5 percent.

Beer prices are up three percent for a year ago—almost a bargain given how high inflation is running on other staples of Memorial Day.

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