‘Reagan’ Star Dennis Quaid Praises Trump: Abraham Accords Would Have Prevented Israel-Hamas War

In a recent interview with Jordan Peterson to promote the upcoming biopic Reagan, Hollywood star Dennis Quaid offered praise for former President Donald Trump, calling him  “very principled” and even “sweet,” while also singling out Trump’s foreign policy achievements, including the Abraham Accords.

“All the stuff that’s happening right now would not be happening,” under Trump’s Abraham Accords, said Quaid referring to the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Quaid also agreed that Trump can be a bully when he needs to be — a positive attribute when dealing with hostile adversaries.

“I think [Trump] is very principled. He is very sweet and at the same time he can be [a bully about his beliefs],” the veteran actor said of the former president. “He did a great job raising his kids. They themselves are very principled.”

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Quaid revealed that Ronald Reagan was his “favorite president,” saying he “voted for him twice.” He said his support for Reagan cost him with his more left-wing friends at the time, saying he was “kicked out of the hippes.”

Elsewhere in the interview, The Right Stuff, The Parent Trap, and American Underdog star spoke about government overreach and said when those on the political left go too far in expanding government with the stated intent to help people, it becomes not about what politicians say but about expanding power.

He also revealed that he is an independent who has voted for politicians on both sides of the divide, including Jimmy Carter, once for Bill Clinton, and once for Barack Obama. The actor said he regretted voting for Carter.

“I am who I am,” Quaid said.

Quaid plays Ronald Reagan from his days as an anti-Communist activist to Hollywood star to his rise in politics, starting as governor of California to his road to the White House. The movie co-stars Penelope Ann Miller as Nancy Reagan and Mena Suvari as Jane Wyman. Oscar-winner Jon Voight also co-stars.

The first trailer for the movie was released this week.

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Reagan is set to open in cinemas on August 30.

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