Jen Psaki Tries to Dunk on Donald Trump, Fails So Hard the Audience Ends Up Laughing at Her

Perhaps Jen Psaki’s intelligence has been overstated? The former White House press secretary turned MNSBC talking head recently appeared on stage with Kara Swisher, and the vapidness flowed like milk and honey. 

If you aren’t familiar with Swisher, she’s a far-left “journalist” who once suggested that the American people would sympathize with Hunter Biden. So yeah, don’t expect much honesty in the following clips. 

PSAKI: The name, there, like, hurt by the branding, the name. So let me just say that. That was what was going on in my head.

SWISHER: What would you call them? 
PSAKI: I don’t know, but Space Force is literally the name of a Steve Carrel movie. Could we have done something different? 

You have to love the Valley Girl accent she puts on at the end of the clip. It’s the perfect capstone to such a dumb statement. 

Perhaps Psaki is unaware despite her vast intellectual heft, but the U.S. Space Force was not named after a Steve Carrel movie. “Space Force” was a television show on Netflix that was produced after the creation of the branch under the Trump administration. 

Keep that in mind as you watch this next clip because the lack of self-awareness is both hilarious and incredible. 

PSAKI: And I became because I was there when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, I a prime target of the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin and their propaganda machine.
SWISHER: Explain what they did.
PSAKI: What they did is they, a lot of it was very gendered. They went after me and made up things that I said that I never said. They had a nightly show on RT that was about me that they broadcast in Russian and in Eastern European countries, where they made up a term, and I’m talking about people who worked in the Kremlin, like the government, made up a term called “Psaki-ing,” which they defined as ‘making up something you didn’t know

Yes, I can’t imagine why the Russians would coin the term “Psaki-ing” to describe a person who makes things up and speaks on topics they don’t understand. It’s a real mystery that may never be solved. I can only assume that Psaki has no sense of irony, which isn’t surprising for someone who believes the U.S. Space Force was named after a movie. 

That wasn’t the end of it, though. Perhaps the best part of the interview occurred when Swisher asked Psaki if she considers herself a journalist. The audience had some thoughts on that.

SWISHER: You switched to journalist essentially. Do you think you’re a journalist? 
(Audience busts out laughing)

As RedState reported, Psaki is such a stalwart reporter of the facts that she had to edit her already-released book to correct a false assertion about Joe Biden. Journalism, indeed. 

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Psaki is the epitome of the arrogance that emanates from Beltway elites. These people truly think they are the only honest people left in the room. Psaki was a political hack in the Biden administration and she remains one at MSNBC. She is not a “journalist,” and the fact that even a left-wing audience found that assertion worthy of mockery says a lot.

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