UPDATE: Joe Biden Was Lying When He Promised ‘Intelligence’ to Israel in Exchange for Saving Hamas

Are you ready for the most ridiculous outcome imaginable regarding the recent offer of intelligence to Israel in exchange for a ceasefire? Here’s the update: Joe Biden was not telling the truth about being able to pinpoint the location of Hamas leaders, including top terrorist Yahya Sinwar. 

As RedState reported, the Biden administration recently promised that it had intelligence to offer that negated the need to enter Rafah and finish off Hamas. That was coupled with a diplomatic push by Secretary of State Antony Blinken demanding Israel “get out of Gaza.”

At the time, it appeared the White House had been holding back valuable information while American hostages were still being held, prolonging the war in the process.

The truth appears to be even worse than that, though. According to a new report, the “intelligence” offered was known to be garbage. Shorter: Biden was lying.

In other words, Biden was trying to trade useless intelligence that was at least a month old in exchange for the full-scale preservation of Hamas, both militarily and politically, painting it as if the United States knew far more than it did. That should leave people asking exactly what Iran, which uses Hamas as a proxy, has on the president. What else would motivate Biden to try this ruse on a long-time ally besides appeasing the Mullahs he’s always bent over backward for?

I would think this has to be the end of Israel taking any council from Biden seriously. If he was willing to screw them over with bad intelligence in this situation, nothing he says can be trusted going forward. Biden is no longer hiding the fact that he wants Hamas to survive, and the American people should hold him accountable. None of this is happening in a vacuum. It’s all an extension of the broader malicious incompetency emanating from the worst presidency in U.S. history.

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