NEW: Minnesota Poll Numbers Will Likely Have Biden Melting Down

I wrote a couple of days ago about the New York Times/Siena poll on the battleground states that even CNN found to be an absolute disaster for Joe Biden, with big leads up in the Sun Belt states. 

As CNN’s Harry Enten explained when one looked at the electoral numbers if one looked at the map to 270 based on the polls, it was “advantage Donald Trump” and Biden is up a tree without a paddle in terms of his options, he has a very narrow window. 

It’s even making Joe crazy and in denial about the polls, convincing himself that he’s ahead. 


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But as with everything with Joe Biden, it can always get worse. 

Enten had Minnesota accorded to Biden in his calculus. Biden should be able to count on Minnesota, walking away. No Republican has won Minnesota in the presidential election since 1972. Biden took the state according to the official count by 7.2 percent in 2020. 

But the latest poll for the state, it has Biden only two points up — within the margin of error — and that’s with likely voters and other people factored in. 

Oh, and on top of that they note the Stormy Daniels lawfare case has had “no discernible impact on the race” and the race is “essentially tied.” 

So much for that lawfare. 

This, even after Joe Biden has so debased himself with flip-flopping like a fish on the Israel issue and withholding arms in order to appease the left and help his chances in states like Minnesota. It looks like that was for naught. He and his team have to be tearing their hair out at this point, not knowing what to do. 

Douglas Murray mocked that perfectly when he was on “Real Time” with Bill Maher on Friday, talking about Biden’s strategy on Israel, saying Biden believed in the “two-state solution” — “Minnesota and Michigan.” 

Murray said Biden was trying to please a few hundred thousand and was going to end up pleasing no one. That sounds right on target. The folks who are flipping out over the issue aren’t going to be appeased by his vacillating actions and I doubt if they come out for him. 

We’ll have to keep an eye out for where those numbers go in Minnesota. But if Biden has to worry about defending Minnesota, you know what deep trouble he’s truly in. 


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