Biden’s Weakness and Bad Policy Have Now Led to More Trouble With Hamas and Hezbollah

It doesn’t take. a rocket scientist to understand that weakness and appeasement will embolden bad actors and lead to more trouble. 

Joe Biden’s decision to hold back weapons from Israel made Hamas believe they need not give in, give up the hostages, or make a deal. Instead, Hamas is now firing rockets from Rafah, and Hezbollah is also firing more rockets into northern Israel.

They got the message from Joe Biden. 

This isn’t difficult to understand, except perhaps for Joe Biden. 

This is also Joe Biden — this is what he is showing the rest of the world. We saw it in Afghanistan, and now here it is with Israel. He has no problem throwing allies under the bus if he thinks it will somehow benefit him politically. He has no problem leaving allies in the lurch. So why would any allies stick with us or help us anywhere when he behaves like this? They will believe we cannot be trusted to keep our word. This is an incredibly dangerous policy to take. That is the legacy of Joe Biden. 

The ironic thing is that his ridiculous moves aren’t going to get him the votes he craves in any event and it’s just going to move more people away from him, as we’ve seen. It looks as though, just like with Afghanistan that started his slide in the polls, this has opened up a lot of people’s eyes to just how bad he is, with even Never Trump folks and liberal Democrats leaving him over this. 

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