Lawfare Against Trump Crumbles: Legal Battles Fail to Derail Former President’s Return to White House

Opponents waging lawfare against former President Donald Trump are failing to prevent him from completing the greatest political comeback in history, establishment media reports recently acknowledged.

The numerous indictments against Trump were meant to politically sabotage his reelection campaign, many Republicans believe, buoyed by reports of multiple meetings between the Biden administration and Trump prosecutors. That strategy appears not to be working from Georgia to Florida to Washington, DC. Trump remains the political favorite to win reelection in November, swing state polling shows.

What first appeared to be a “wall of legal obstacles” preventing Trump from mounting the greatest comeback in political history now appears to be “little more than a series of speed bumps,” Politico’s Senior Legal Affairs Reporter Josh Gerstein acknowledged Wednesday:

Several establishment media members echoed Gerstein’s analysis. Kyle Cheney, a congressional reporter for Politico, noted Wednesday that Trump has a serious chance of winning in November because he might not face a jury other than in his ongoing criminal trial:

Andrew Goudsward, who reports for Reuters, also admitted Wednesday that the lawfare against Trump has been ineffective:

President Joe Biden’s historically low polling numbers would not receive a boost if Trump is potentially found guilty in any legal case, a Leger survey recently found. The poll indicates a small percentage of Trump’s current support would move to the undecided column should a jury convict him. Hypothetically, Trump could re-earn those undecided voters after the shock of a potential conviction wears off.

The poll appears to contradict the narrative that a potential Trump conviction would somehow boost Biden’s fledgling poll numbers. Biden’s support is around 40 percent. Incumbents with an approval rating of 50 percent or greater historically win reelection.

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