Biden Makes Debate Comment He May Not Be Able to Walk Back at Las Vegas Aces Event

Joe Biden was hosting the Las Vegas Aces at the White House on Thursday to celebrate their victory in the WNBA finals. 

Biden was joined by Kamala Harris at the event; indeed, she ended up doing the majority of the talking. 

They came in together with Biden doing that stilted, elderly stutter-step walk that he does. He almost looked like he was steadying himself for a moment by leaning on Kamala. And he was late as usual. 

Then he claimed that Acting Secretary Julie Su had been a “center” — presumably a basketball center. Chances this is yet another pandering tall tale? Good bet. 

Kamala seemed to have the duty of handler for the event, as Biden seemed confused and unable to concentrate on the speaker. He looked out to someone in the audience and Kamala had to help him. 

But hey, at least this time he hit his mark. Notice the marks — the tape on the ground for him and Kamala. 

Then they both got jerseys. 

I’m not sure why they’re giving her “49.” 

But I supposed the big news out of the event was this next moment, where his handlers fell down on the job and managed to let the media slip in a question to Biden that he then answered. They asked about a debate with Trump. Biden’s response was, “Set it up!” 

They’re going to be really mad about that comment; they are never going to let him debate. He couldn’t even handle a simple interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, without lying his head off and making strange comments. Plus, he looked about a billion years old and barely breathing. They’re going to put that person in a debate? I don’t think so. What will White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre say? I can’t speak to that, I don’t comment on specific cases. 

The Trump team said they were ready. 

But the Biden team isn’t talking.  

The thing that was most annoying about this event? He spoke about women’s sports, but then he does it in, with the changes that he’s brought on Title IX. His team can’t even be bothered to identify what a woman is. So he hasn’t done anything at all to serve the interests of women. But his people will have him attend a pandering event to make it look like he has. 


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