Antifa Gets Out of Control at Charlie Kirk UW Event, Find Out That Wasn’t a Good Idea

TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk was speaking at an event at the University of Washington on Tuesday.

But according to TPUSA’s Jonathan Choe, Antifa characters showed up and started causing trouble, attacking their crew. 

Kirk said that the team had been punched multiple times. 

At least one person was left bloody and they called in the police who are now investigating the incident. 

Choe called out the University for not doing more. 

“There goes the neighborhood,” Choe wrote. “Massive battle royale at the UW Quad Tuesday afternoon. An Antifa mob and their soy boyfriends tried to corner me and my crew. They always send the skinniest dudes or the most overweight activists in my direction. Thank you @schwaarzy for capturing this. We have more footage on the way. We filed multiple police reports. Why are @UW leaders allowing these far-left activists to camp with students?

The Antifa characters tried causing trouble at the event as students were leaving. At least one of them was taken to the ground by someone who fought back. 

Although they tried to disrupt it, Kirk was still able to hold his event, so they completely failed. 

And it also looked like Antifa had to face the “Frat boy vanguard.” 

Frat boys for the win.


Police Clear Out GWU Encampment After Call for Beheadings, May Have Moved in for More Ignoble Reason

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