Harvard’s Pro-Palestinian Camp Tried to Sleep Last Night, but One Patriot Wouldn’t Let Them

The pro-Palestinian students at University campuses camped out illegally are probably some of the most entitled people in America, but one thing they’re not entitled to is a good night’s sleep. One American patriot made that clear. 

According to a video posted by Kassy Akiva to X, during the hours when the activist students were trying to rest, a young man set up a speaker at a closed gate near the pro-Palestinian student encampment and began playing what sounds like LeAnn Rimes’ version of the National Anthem. 

The Harvard student protest known as the Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine or “HOOP” was ordered to end their occupation by 5 pm on Monday by Harvard Interim President Alan Garber who sent an email to all students and staff. This cessation of the occupation was denied by the students who responded via Instagram

“As Rafah is under attack, Harvard President Alan Garber sends a community-wide email notifying the threat of suspension for students protesting the genocide.”

Harvard Law student Lea H. Kayali spoke out about the “abuse” the camp is facing by Harvard itself. 

“The Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine coalition is proud of the discipline with which its student protestors have conducted themselves in the face of daily intimidation and abuse. But here at Harvard, the administration has left the student movement with few options to seek the change they advocate for.”

It’s unclear what “abuse” is taking place on these useful idiots at Harvard by Harvard, but if they’re referring to things like having to listen to the National Anthem as “abuse” then it really shows you where these students’ loyalties lay and, if they truly are anti-American, then why should anyone care? 

But this isn’t a serious camp anyway. One of the best few paragraphs I’ve read about the Harvard camp came from The Daily Beast who sent a reporter there, and it shows just how childish this endeavor really is at the end of the day: 

As the days have worn on, Harvard’s encampment has lost vibrancy. The sugary snacks stacked in the “Liberated Zone” have been consumed. A rain storm on Sunday night did not help. I asked one observer when he thought the protest peaked. He considered it a moment then said, “When they all ran in.” That was on April 24 and the excitement of setting up a Liberation Camp has turned into the drudgery of camping without nearby sanitary facilities.
On the other side of University Hall, the newly expanded zone consists of four small tents–three for sleeping and one filled with books with a sign that says, “Memorial library.”
Supplies appear to be limited to water and buckets of Tidy Cats Instant Action Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter. There did not appear to be any cats in the area so draw your own conclusions.

It sounds like hearing the National Anthem played at night isn’t the worst thing they’re having to endure, but it can’t be good for the morale of a camp that seems to have already peaked and is slowly fizzling out, especially when it’s pretty clear Harvard isn’t in the mood to go along with this little game they’re playing. 

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