Comedian Katt Williams on Reparations: Money to Ukraine Should Go to Black Americans

Comedian Katt Williams took on the subject of reparations during his new Netflix stand-up special Woke Foke, saying the tens of billions of dollars the U.S. has sent to Ukraine should go instead to black Americans.

Katt Williams’ special streamed live on Saturday from the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California. The comedian joked about a wide range of subjects, including the bag of cocaine found at the White House and transgender athletes (“penginas” or “clitoris dickoris dock”?).

But his bit about reparations has generated the most attention.

“It is now time for black people in America to get paid reparations for everything that them and their ancestors have been through in American history,” Williams said.

“Why now, Katt? Thanks for asking, white friends. I’ll tell you why now, and understand, white friends, I don’t speak for all black people. But I do speak for all n***as. And you are not supposed to know the difference.”

Watch below (Warning: Strong language):

He said “the time is now,” later adding:

“We just gave $100 billion to the Ukraine. And God bless the Ukrainians. But off the record? We don’t know them n***as like that! You could’ve gave that money to black people. The fuck? We done gave them all that money. The truth is they over there getting their ass whooped over there. You coulda gave that money to the black people of Los Angeles, and they’d have went over there and whooped their ass in two weeks.”

Under the Biden administration, the U.S. has sent tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine.

At the same time this administration has been neglecting to enforce the U.S.-Mexico border, allowing more than seven million illegals to flood the country.

During the special, Williams joked about the bag of cocaine found last year at the White House. The Secret Service closed its investigation in July of last year after failing to identify a suspect.

Watch below (Warning: Strong language):

The comedian also provoked the wrath of the woke cancel mob by joking about biological men who identify as women playing in women’s sports.

His set included a bit about transgender genitalia, which he referred to as “penginas” and “clitoris dickoris dock.”

Watch below (Warning: Strong language):

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