Iranian Prof. Says US College Protesters Are ‘Our People,’ Would ‘Take to the Streets to Support Iran’

Tehran University Professor Foad Izadi said that Iranian leaders are enjoying watching the chaotic pro-Hamas protests engulfing so many of our college and university campuses. He added, chillingly, that the demonstrators could be counted on to be on Iran’s side should conflict between the two countries erupt.

Iran and its proxies have been getting a kick out of the lawlessness occurring at our institutions of higher education:


Iran-Backed Militias Incite the Raging Pro-Hamas Protests at US Universities, Mock America

The professor, educated in the U.S. of course (reportedly earning a master’s degree from the University of Houston), appeared in a video posted to social media and translated by the group Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).  

He said that U.S. support for the “Zionist regime” will almost certainly wane and that these violent protests will help:

“Sooner or later, this kind of support for the Zionist regime by the American regime will diminish. It might not stop completely, but its diminishing is important,” he said in the MEMRI video. “This is why the demonstrations [on U.S. campuses] are important.”


He called for even more protests, and added that the extremists being created or further hardened could end up as Iranian assets:

“We are watching the demonstrations and like what we see, but it should not end with this,” Izadi said. “If not for the Islamic Republic, the case of the Palestinian idea would have been closed years ago. The idea of resistance belongs to Iran, but on the operational level, when it comes to recruiting connections and building networks, the [Iranian] state has not been involved in a sufficient level.”

“These (American students) are our people,” he continued. “If tensions between America and Iran rise tomorrow or the day after, these are the people who will have to take to the streets to support Iran.”

There, he said it. These protesters are showing that they care more about foreign ideologies than they do the United States of America, and might even turn further against our country if given the chance. It’s something Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz has also discussed. Some of these pro-Hamas protesters will almost certainly end up plotting terroristic acts, he alleges. “Remember the ’60s!” he exhorted on his Substack Monday:

It is not a bridge too far to believe that radicals who claim to be in Hamas, love their rockets and call for the death of Israelis and Jews might take the next step and help Hamas operatives engage in terrorism against US targets.
They could be recruited to help purchase weapons, identify targets and even plant bombs.
Something similar happened in the late 1960s and early 1970s when American supporters of terrorism became terrorists themselves, including students, professors and university graduates.
They planted bombs, tried to blow up army bases and recruitment centers and murdered police officers and armed guards.

He made similar remarks on Fox News to host Maria Bartiromo. 

But these organizations [that are backing the protests] are funded by George Soros and other organizations that help fund these academics and turn these useful idiots into protesters and eventually into terrorists. That’s what terrifies me.

Watch at the 1:10 mark:

Although there are professional agitators among the protesters at all these schools, there is no question that there are plenty of deluded students as well—and that makes the Iranian government very happy indeed.


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