Biden Brings Obama, Clinton for Podcast Interview, They Still Manage to Mess Up and Diss Americans

Joe Biden has been blowing off interviews and answering questions to such a degree that even The New York Times, which is pretty much like state media, is saying they’re unhappy with how Biden has been avoiding questions. 

Biden’s staff keeps trying to cut him off from the press. Or he does things like softball interviews with Howard Stern, and even that was a complete and utter mess. 


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Biden did an interview with the “SmartLess” Podcast last month with both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton that was released on Monday. No, it’s not a hard-hitting interview, as you can tell from the picture; it’s them all joking around and the co-hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes fan-girling over Obama, Clinton, and Biden. 

Here’s a sample of how hard-hitting it was, asking if they have a mechanism by which they can contact each other. 

Imagine an hour-long interview of absolute nonsense and propaganda. 

I like Bateman as an actor, but he was completely clueless about Biden asking why it should take so much to beat former President Donald Trump? 

Biden blamed “disinformation.” Um, no. Maybe because Biden is awful and Trump’s policies were good? It’s really simple.

One of the hosts even claimed Biden was “handling inflation” — that’s how off-line they are. Don’t they wonder why the American people aren’t buying any of this? 

Think what this means that the Biden team drags Obama and Clinton out into this too. Joe Biden can’t even handle this type of interview by himself. Biden is so unpopular they have to include Obama and Clinton to try to help him and fly cover for him — that’s how bad it is. 

You could see it during one question asked by Bateman. He asked if it could be as simple as Biden going on Sean Hannity and asking him why the people who follow him don’t think Biden is good at the job.

“Just answer his questions, call his bluff,” Bateman huffed. “I mean the information, the facts are all there,” he claimed. “Particularly for that group of people. What you do is so much better suited than what the other agenda is talking about. Is it just a matter of getting on that network. I don’t get it.” 

You’re right. You don’t get it, Jason. You don’t understand millions of Americans. So how many problems/misconceptions does he have just in those short few words?

First, Fox would love to have Biden on, as would Hannity. It’s Biden ducking any interviews. If he has to bring along help to talk with you, how do you think he would even survive on Fox? 

Second, the problem with answering Hannity’s questions?  Biden can’t; that’s also why Biden is ducking committing to the debates with Trump. 

Third, the American people think Biden hasn’t done a good job because…wait for it…Biden hasn’t done a good job. He’s been a failure on virtually every parameter, from foreign policy, where his weakness has resulted in the deaths of Americans, the emboldening of our enemies to the economy, where he’s brought crushing inflation costing Americans more every month. I’m sure that’s not touching Bateman, but it is touching other Americans. So no, what Biden does is not “so much better suited.” Perhaps it’s Jason who needs to get out among the American people and ask why people think Trump was a success and Biden is a failure, as the new CNN poll shows. 

But it wasn’t Biden who answered Jason’s question — it was Obama. And doesn’t that tell you everything? “You guys are exactly right; Joe’s got an incredible record of accomplishment,” he said. Obama said the difference between the two sides was that “our side” still “pretty much sticks to the facts.” How hilarious is that? Does Jason know how much Biden has engaged in complete fantasy this past week, even making up things about his uncle possibly getting eaten by cannibals? I wrote about how the “Fox and Friends Weekend” hosts got to mock Biden and his fictional resume, and they only touched on a few things. Obama, with that comment, and Biden in general, are just completely divorced from reality, and that’s part of the reason why Biden is doing so badly. 

Speaking of “facts,” Biden said some more things that weren’t true when he was on the podcast about not being able to own a cannon at the time when the Second Amendment came out. That is not true, yet he keeps saying it over and over again. 

According to Obama, Americans are just confused, and they don’t get how wonderful Joe Biden is, “People are being flooded with all kinds of stuff, and they don’t know how to sort it all out.” 

Oh, that’s a message that will go over well. Maybe Americans don’t like Democrats who paint them as dumb and bigoted because they reject mad leftist policy? 

The American people know that there’s a big problem with Joe Biden, and that’s why he’s in big trouble. Plain and simple. 


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