WATCH: Pro-Hamas Protester Squealing Like a Stuck Pig as Trooper Carries Her Away Is Gen-Z Personified

Pro-Hamas “encampments” continue to plague campuses across the nation, with some universities taking action while others have capitulated. Columbia University officials have chosen to bend the knee, pledging not to call in law enforcement to clear out the trespassing terrorist supporters. 

Still, other schools are taking a more, shall we say, hands-on approach. At the University of Texas, an attempt at setting up an encampment was quickly quashed by Texas DPS, producing some high-quality content in the process. 

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Emory University in Georgia also called in the police, and the results were something to behold. In one instance, a professor struck an officer only to be tackled to the ground and charged with battery. Despite claims that from activists that she was being abused, the professor admitted to the act as she was being hauled off in handcuffs. 

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In short, these “protests” have produced some very satisfying videos, but with that said, I might have found the best one of the bunch. It was also taken at Emory University and perfectly personifies the Gen-Z entitlement culture that normal Americans find so disturbing.

Pro-tip to the terror simps: Don’t try to go limp on a dude who lifts. The officer was not playing around and neither were his biceps. 

Listening to the woman (that seems to be the going theory) squealing like a stuck pig that she’s being “hurt” is hilarious, but it’s also telling. These people are “social justice warriors” and “revolutionaries” right up untilt he consequences arrive. Then they want to call a time-out and cry like babies. 

What if I told you these are the leaders of tomorrow, though? And what if I told you no one in leadership has shown even half the necessary gumption to stop that from happening? Suddenly, these videos aren’t quite as funny. They just become sad and depressing. 

Oh, who am I kidding? They are still pretty funny.

America has a choice to make. Right now, its institutions have been inundated with people intent on tearing down the “system” in the name of “justice.” Replacing it is a system based on grievance and faux oppression, where merit is dismissed and identity rules all. Does that sound like a good thing for the country? If not, then those currently in power have to take action. Defund these universities, and tax their endowments. Shut this nonsense down before it becomes an unstoppable wildfire of wokeness.  

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