General Sherman Would Be Proud: Drunken Spring Breakers Trash Savannah

In December of 1864, General William Tecumseh Sherman, having completed his drive to the sea and having cut the Confederate States in half, reportedly sent a cable to President Abraham Lincoln, stating “I beg to present to you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah.” Given the nature of Uncle Billy Sherman’s campaign through the South and the “bummers” that accompanied his army, Savannah likely wasn’t in all that great a shape, making it a mixed gift.

These days, Savannah sees another destructive invasion, every year, who show up and tell General Sherman’s ghost to – literally – “hold my beer.” 

It’s called spring break.

Wild spring break parties unleashed chaotic scenes in Savannah, Ga., as violent, booze-fueled brawls broke out at the annual Orange Crush gathering — including one between two topless women.
The annual Tybee Island spring break bash saw numerous fights erupting in shocking footage shared online, with the popular beach littered with trash left behind by the rampaging revelers.
In one clip posted on X, two women can be seen lunging at each other before exchanging brutal punches.
During the intense exchange, their clothing bathing suit tops appear to fly off their bodies, drawing a strong reaction from the crowd as they fight while topless.
Another clip of the fight shared online shows a woman, seemingly holding her wig, while being dragged away and thrown onto the ground. 
Multiple clips show both men and women crowding a boardwalk as fights continue to break out.

Savannah isn’t the only place to see these kinds of riotous assaults on the good order of their community, but this one looks to have been a real humdinger.

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All of this begs the question: Why does the community put up with this?

Last year’s invasion prompted some remarks by the Mayor:

Last year, former Tybee Mayor Shirley Sessions said in a statement that (the) Orange Crush Festival “was admittedly too large and chaotic.”
“But at the end of the day, Tybee Island is fortunate that no lives were lost and no property destroyed,” Sessions said at the time, promising to introduce measures to keep it under control.

So, no lives lost and no property destroyed, and the Mayor calls that “fortunate?” The city’s beaches were occupied for days by drunken brawlers, and that’s “fortunate?” This is setting the bar so low as to present a significant challenge to a champion limbo dancer.

There would appear to be a crisis of leadership in Savannah. It shouldn’t be necessary to close the beaches (and presumably the city doesn’t control every yard of the beach in any case) or shutter the liquor stores. Just place a decent law enforcement presence on the beach. Show by example that drunk and disorderly and/or public brawling will be answered by a night in the drunk tank and a significant fine. That will deter all but the worst, and allow the cops to focus on those same worst actors.

One more thing: What educational institutions are these people coming from? It would be interesting to determine the average GPA of these students, who seem to have mastered the skills of drunkenness and fighting. It’s not likely that there are any future Nobel Prize laureates in their midst.

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