Even NBC Has to Admit ‘Troubling Numbers’ That Are ‘Clear Liability’ for Biden in New Poll

I reported on Sunday about some new numbers from CNN that were likely to trigger Joe Biden: that former President Donald Trump’s likability numbers had improved while Biden’s had plummeted since he took office. Now Trump was viewed more favorably and had higher likability numbers than Biden in the battleground states. That was “despite everything that has happened,” CNN data guy Harry Enten said. 

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No, maybe it’s because of “everything that has happened,” Harry. People can see Trump more clearly in the light of day; they can see the positive things he did — especially in comparison to the horrible job that Joe Biden has done. 

Now, there’s also another liberal media poll that has some bad numbers for Biden. 

NBC’s Steve Kornacki laid out the “troubling numbers.” He explained there had been a flip from the 2020 numbers, where Biden was viewed as the one who was competent and effective. 

Trump was up by four on handling a crisis, up by seven on a strong record as president, and up by nine as to competent and effective.

And in perhaps two of the most important categories, Trump was up by 19 when it comes to necessary mental and physical health and up by 22 when it came to dealing with inflation and the cost of living.

“Who has the strong record as president? And again, Trump outpacing Biden on that front. And again, you’ve got to mention this one, too. Necessary mental and physical health. We asked this four years ago. It was a wash. It’s now a clear liability for Joe Biden. So these are all troubling numbers for Biden,” Kornacki said.

Biden is also likely to tear his hair out on this part of the NBC poll, where again, he comes out lower than former President Donald Trump.

Biden is the lowest of anyone occupying the White House at this point in their terms when it comes to job approval, with only 42 percent. And he’s lower than Trump was at the same point in approval and lower than Bush Sr., who did not win reelection. 

Head to head Biden loses against Trump, 46-44, according to the poll. The only thing that helps Biden, although Kornacki said it doesn’t make a lot of sense, is that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in their poll, seems to pull from Trump more than Biden. Then he said that led to “Joe Biden, 39%, Donald Trump 37%, there’s Kennedy getting 13%.”

I seriously doubt that part of the poll. And frankly, so does Joe Biden’s team. That’s why they are doing all they can to take Kennedy out of the election, including by weaponizing his family against him. They obviously believe that he’s going to be a big problem for them. Joe Biden even did a post on X with members of the Kennedy family endorsing him. 

The economy and mental health numbers, which so often tell the tale, are going to take out Biden in the election because Biden’s mental health is only going to be getting worse between now and then, and it’s going to be on bold display. 


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