CHP Video of Hysterical Golden Gate Bridge Blocker Being Pried Out of Concrete Barrel Is Chef’s Kiss

On Monday, Democrat-run cities across the country were overrun with pro-Hamas protesters staging demonstrations on major roadways and bridges, understandably leaving commuters outraged and fuming (with some missing their flights) and others who were watching the live feeds wondering “Why the heck are police taking so long to get these people out of the way?”

As RedState reported, blue cities like Chicago and San Francisco saw the most intense action, while the protesters who tried it in Florida found out quickly by law enforcement officers, who took control of the scenes almost immediately.

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The Golden Gate Bridge protest in San Francisco was a particular source of frustration considering it took several hours to clear the scene. In the aftermath, we learned via the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that part of the reason for that was due to how the demonstrators had linked themselves together:

Protesters … chained themselves together not with handcuffs, but with barrels partially filled with concrete. The barrels had PVC pipe leading into them on either side, and protesters were gripping rebar drilled through the pipe, inside the barrel, which had been buried by concreete [sic] — and therefore wasn’t easily accessible from the top.
The Golden Gate Bridge protesters did something different: They used their vehicles to blockade the four lanes leading into San Francisco, and then locked hands using the typical “sleeping dragon” method, with handcuffs under PVC pipe, their arms linking between the cars.

Here are some photos the CHP posted to Twitter:

The video they shared was particularly interesting and amusing. The hysterical protester was screaming and saying he was in pain while claiming they were twisting his hand as they were trying to get him to let go of the rebar. At no point were they actually twisting his hand or doing anything that would hurt the demonstrator. Midway through, he called out for medical attention, apparently not realizing the entire thing was being videotaped so people could later see he was lying through his teeth.

Once CHP finally pried him loose from the rebar, they quickly dragged him out. Hilariously, the man who had been screaming that he was in pain suddenly went quiet as they immediately put him in handcuffs, knowing he wasn’t really hurt:

While that clip and the photos do shed more light on why it took hours for the protesters to be removed, what is still left unanswered is why it was allowed to take place at all considering officials had to know in advance this was coming:

The group who helped coordinate the effort, A15 Action, said on its website that “the global economy is complicit in genocide and together we will coordinate to disrupt and blockade economic logistical hubs and the flow of capital.” 

City and state leaders in California, New York, and elsewhere still have much to answer for on this. Who knew what and when? As always, stay tuned.

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