Former DNI John Ratcliffe: ‘With Friends Like Joe Biden, Israel Doesn’t Need More Enemies’

John Ratcliffe, who served as Director of National Intelligence under former President Trump, appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” to detail the many ways President Biden’s appeasement of Iran emboldened the Islamic Republic to attack Israel Saturday.

Just saying “don’t” isn’t much of a deterrent, the former DNI argued:

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Don’t, Don’t, Don’t

Saying “don’t” did nothing to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin, and it certainly didn’t deter Iranian aggression:


Although Ratcliffe praised our allies and the Israelis for taking down most of the drones and missiles fired at Israel, he pointed out that “reaction isn’t as good as prevention”:

But where the president really failed, the former DNI believes, is in not being a strong ally of the Jewish state as they wage war with Hamas and try to deal with the Iran threat:

Asked if he thought a response was forthcoming from Israel, Ratcliffe replied, “Absolutely.”

Ratcliffe is right; Biden has been consistently weak on the international stage and has shown a strange unwillingness to treat Iran as what it is: an aggressive, terrorist-sponsoring threat to the world. Attacks like Saturday’s will keep happening as long as this president (and his incompetent team) is in charge.

Watch the full interview (Ratcliffe appears at the 40-second mark):

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