Hamas Just Made a Major Announcement…And the Media Is Nowhere to be Found

It’s wild when you think about it: news organizations were taking Hamas propaganda as if it were verified and accurate information. No one learned from the Gaza hospital fiasco, the first wall the media crashed into when they erroneously said that an Israeli airstrike hit this facility. The reality was it was the terrorists’ own rocket salvo, fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The New York Times had to print a retraction, but the damage was done. Now, Hamas has openly admitted they inflated the death toll in Gaza, and the media is AWOL (via Foundation for the Defense of Democracies): 

FDD’s David Adesnik added, “The sudden shifts in the ministry’s reporting methods suggest it is scrambling to prevent exposure of its shoddy work…Now we’re seeing that a third or more of the ministry’s data may be incomplete at best — and fictional at worst.” 

We shouldn’t be shocked by this—they’re figures cobbled together by terrorists, though that’s never mattered with liberal outlets. 

Newsrooms are filled to the brim with anti-Israel and antisemitic reporters who do their best to make Hamas seem like a Muslim version of the Red Cross. They probably can’t write this due to being terminated, but no doubt that a healthy share support what Hamas did on October 7 and think it was an act of resistance, not rape and murder on a genocidal scale. The weekly special served by this crew is that Israel is committing genocide, which is being propped up by this fantastical figure of over 30,000 dead. 

People die in war, and Israel has done a remarkable job in ensuring civilian casualties are at a minimum. Even those who aren’t hardcore conservatives, like Coleman Hughes, have torched the genocide narrative, citing how the ratio here for civilian and combatant deaths is on par with modern urban warfare, especially in the Middle East:

Hamas lied—not a shocking news development, but curious to see how many news outlets make corrections. I doubt many will since it chips away mightily at their ‘IDF killers’ narrative.

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