Michigan Arrest Illustrates How Useless State’s Gun Laws Actually Are

Michigan has been on an anti-gun kick lately. They’ve not been super pro-gun before they started down this road, but since the Michigan State shooting, they’ve just gotten bad about how little they respect people’s right to keep and bear arms.

And gun control advocates have a profound tendency to tell us just how wonderfully gun control works. In fairness, they have to. If they admitted it didn’t work, no one would support it.

Yet, we know it doesn’t.

A prime example of that comes from the arrest of one man in Michigan.

A Michigan man who texted that he “sells dope and shoots guns” was caught with drugs and a machine-pistol right after being released from prison, officials said.
Troy Davonn Morgan, 23, finished serving a federal prison sentence for a gun crime in June 2023 and began a term of court supervision, according to a release.
Officials said he began selling fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin on the streets of Kalamazoo within weeks of his release.
When police converged on Morgan, they learned he had a machine-pistol — a handgun with a switch installed to make it automatic. He was also in possession of fentanyl and cocaine, they said.

Now, Michigan requires a permit to purchase a gun lawfully. They require a background check on all gun sales. They have handgun registration. This is all over and above the federal prohibition on felons buying firearms.

And yet, Morgan had not just a handgun but one equipped with a banned device that turns it into a full-auto firearm.

I mean, it’s almost like none of those laws managed to do a blasted thing to stop someone like Morgan. In fact, one might figure that someone who can get illegal goods like drugs could also illegally acquire other items like firearms and full-auto switches.

But that can’t be right, can it?

I mean, we had one lawmaker figure that fewer lawful sales of firearms was a good thing. That should be an indicator that criminals only get guns through those sales. Except, that’s not happening.

This is more evidence that it’s not.

This is a guy who was a drug dealer. He went to prison, which should have barred him from buying guns for life. Despite that and the myriad of gun control laws Michigan has passed in recent years, Morgan got a firearm equipped with a device that’s not legal anywhere in the nation.

Gun control simply doesn’t work except as a way to make things more difficult for we law-abiding, responsible citizens. The criminals work around it and do so every time. No matter what rules you put in place, they’ll find a way around them.

For some, that’s not an argument. They figure criminals work around all laws, which is true. The difference is these laws inhibit our ability to defend ourselves while doing nothing to stop criminals. That’s the problem. That’s the rub that so many want to ignore.

Michigan drank the anti-gun Kool-Aid and now we’re seeing evidence of just how little it actually does.

Especially since we all know this is far from the only case that highlights their new laws’ failures.

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