Biden’s Bizarre Moments at State Dinner, and the Surprising Things Guests Said About the Election

Joe Biden held a state dinner for the Japanese prime minister on Wednesday night, and of course it wouldn’t be a Biden event without gaffes and weird moments. 

Watch as Jill and Joe are standing with the Kishidas for the photos before the dinner. But Jill has to pull Joe out of the way so the prime minister can stand where he’s supposed to for the shots. Handlers at work again: 

Biden was asked if he had a message regarding Iran’s threats on behalf of Israel. 

He responded, “Thank you all. Appreciate it.” Does he even know what’s going on? Or is he just deflecting? 

He’s also a bit out of uniform — why is he wearing a regular tie? Also, how typical of D.C. that the police sirens are so loud in the background. 

State dinner guests included Apple’s Tim Cook, actor Robert DeNiro, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, as well as former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton in a billowy caftan. She looked like she was wearing a tablecloth or perhaps a tent. I think it’s safe to say what Sanchez was wearing was not a billowy caftan—I’m not sure what it was, but it sure looked an awful lot like Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie. 

Hillary didn’t want to talk about 2024. A sure sign that she knows it’s not going well for Joe. 

The colors on the caftan were nice but it was so big without any belt; she had no shape at all. She was pleased to look at her own picture on the wall, which Bill pointed out. 

Bezos was asked if he would be donating to Biden’s campaign; interestingly, he declined to answer. 

Robert DeNiro was asked how he felt about the election, and he responded, “What do you think?” Then he notably avoided a question about whether he would campaign for Joe Biden. 

Biden had family members there as well, including Hunter’s daughters Finnegan and Naomi, along with his own daughter Ashley. 

Here was the dinner: 

They had a designer in on it and the staff took months planning. How much money did they spend on all this? It’s something to watch how they break the bank when Bidenflation is crushing Americans every month.

Biden tried to make a toast at one point during the dinner to the alliance, but he had a problem — he didn’t have a chalice. 

‘Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in raising a glass,” he said, but apparently, he didn’t realize he didn’t have a cup. “I don’t have a glass,’ he said, and they had to bring him one. 

He struggled, even reading from notes. 

He went full Biden where you had to try to translate what he was trying to say. 

“We both remember the choices that were made to forge a friendship that were once only a devastating a fight that existed before,” Biden said. How does it come out so confused when he has the notes right there? That’s Joe Biden’s special gift — getting everything wrong. 


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