Family of Hamas Prisoner Speaks Out: ‘Ceasefire Without Release of Hostages Is a Death Sentence to Them’

The family of Hamas hostage Omer Neutra spoke out on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, mourning their son and brother’s fate and warning the world that the release of the remaining Israeli hostages should be priority number one—and that any ceasefire agreement would amount to a death sentence for those still held captive. 

Omer was just living his life that fateful day on Oct. 7, 2023:

Omer’s mother appeared alongside his father and brother and pointed out that those protesting for Israel to simply stand down should remember the prisoners:

Bringing the hostages back should be the top priority. It should be the world’s top priority.
Everyone looking for de-escalation in the region should be opening the sentence saying, you know, “Release the hostages.”
 Any demand of cease-fire without release of hostages is a death sentence to them.


While protesters continue their endless demonstrations on the six-month anniversary of the barbaric attack against the Jewish state, and Joe Biden continues to undermine Israeli efforts to wipe out Hamas, Omer’s father reminded the world that the savage political/terrorist group could end hostilities simply by releasing their prisoners—prisoners like Omer:

Omer Neutra was born on Long Island, N.Y., and is a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen. He took a gap year to serve in the Israeli army and was kidnapped on Oct. 7 by Hamas, exactly six months ago.
Ronen Neutra, Omer’s father, said he was not sure enough was being done to prioritize the hostages.
“We’re not sure the priorities are right. There’s no question the war must be won. And Hamas must be eradicated but the hostages are running out of time,” he said. “And six months in, yesterday, it was just announced that one additional hostage was announced dead and his body was brought back to Israel.”

We’ve seen countless demonstrations and protests on college campuses and on our city streets—indeed all over the world—all decrying the plight of Palestinians who are being affected by Israel’s war on Hamas. But where are the protests demanding that Hamas release their prisoners? Where are the protests remonstrating the savage sexual violence and utter depravity shown by Hamas terrorists as they plundered Israel on Oct. 7th, 2023?

It’s hard to imagine what life must be like for the Neutra family; how do you even sleep at night knowing that your beloved son/brother may already be dead or may even be being tortured even as you read this? 

I can understand those whose hearts hurt at the violence occurring right now in the Gaza Strip, but too many—far too many—place blame in all the wrong places: the Israelis, the Biden administration, Benjamin Netanyahu. This tragedy lies squarely at the feet of the savage Hamas terrorists, and the failure of so many to grasp this obvious conclusion reveals a dangerous and deeply unfortunate change in modern thought that can only lead to further tragedy.

Release the hostages. Then we’ll talk. 


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