Feds Investigating Whether NYC Mayor Eric Adams Received Upgraded Turkish Airlines Tickets

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing another legal matter that could cast even more of a negative light on his administration. Federal investigators are looking into complimentary flight upgrades he received from Turkish Airlines.

The investigation aims to ascertain whether corruption was involved in Adams’ relationship with the airline and other elements in Turkey.

This move is part of a broader investigation into the relationship between Adams, his aides, and a top Turkish Airlines executive.

Mayor Adams has maintained his innocence. Brendan McGuire, the mayor’s attorney, explained that “As borough president, the mayor consistently disclosed his official travel to Turkey, did not receive any improper upgrades and did nothing inappropriate in exchange for an upgrade.”

In November, it was revealed that the FBI seized Adams’ electronic devices while executing a search warrant at his home. At the time, the mayor insisted he had done nothing wrong.

The FBI’s investigation comes as Adams is facing other legal matters. He was recently accused of sexually assaulting a former police officer. She alleges that Adams asked for sexual favors in exchange for helping her progress in her career. The mayor claims the assault “never happened” and said he does not “even know who the person is.”

As the city grapples with a constant influx of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, Adams has been the subject of scrutiny as the city’s budget is stretched thin from having to take in so many people. This investigation only adds more to his troubles.

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